From time to time, I bring you a prayer alert from some of my friends and respected peers. With the recent massacre in a Colorado movie theatre, the violence escalating in Syria, the Eurozone is experiencing instability in multiple areas, and the drought in much of the U. S., I thought it would be helpful for us to read this short exhortation from Cindy Jacobs of Generals International and the Reformation Prayer Network. It is a call to arise in this hour. It is time to put on our army boots. I frankly encourage you to call some special gatherings or just stir yourself up and pray in the Holy Spirit for an extended period of time. So read below and be stirred to action.

James W. Goll

The Enemy is Attacking as Never Before…

There is no doubt about it… we were feeling the pressure. The nearly unrelenting attacks were conspiring to overwhelm us! Then, we experienced a wonderful breath of fresh air from the Holy Spirit. During a recent mid-week staff gathering, the Lord spoke through Cindy “…It is time to stir yourself up in your most holy faith! This is a time to awaken. This is a time to awaken and see what I have before you…”

Word of the Lord from Cindy Jacobs

It’s time to stir yourself up in your most holy faith. This is a time to awaken. This is a time to awaken and see what I have before you, says the Lord. The Lord says, I would give you new eyes to see, for you cannot see anything at times but the natural. But that is not what I see, says God. I see potential. I see your purpose. I see the mountains crumbling before you. I see the mountains shaking and melting. I am moving in ways you cannot understand to fulfill my purpose.

I would not forsake you in the moments of shaking. Even the shaking can cause those whose hearts are steady upon me [the Lord] to fear, but God would say to you, fear not, for I am with you. I am making a way in your wilderness. I am going to give you strength. For the Lord says, it isn’t in the light times you need more light. It is in the dark times that you need the light. So I am a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. I will give you wisdom. I will illuminate your pathway, says God. And the Lord says, do not think it strange that the enemy is pressuring you right now, for in truth, he is very afraid of the steps you are taking, says the Lord; both in your personal and corporate life. So I would say, rise up my beloved and come away with me. Rise up and know that I see your destiny. I have the purpose, and even though there are great challenges before you, you are in training for destiny says God, and I have a destiny for you.

The Lord says, even be like Caleb that said, I am well able to take this mountain. Even be like Joshua, and I would say to you, give me a good report of your promised land for those prophetic things I have shared with you in your heart, those things I have shared with you for your future. God says, they cannot be delayed. There will come a moment, says God, when there will be a suddenly moment and you will look around you, the enemies will be gone, and you will be thrust into your destiny, says the Lord.

Let’s Pray in Agreement!
James W. Goll