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6 Apr, 2023

Dare to Dream

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I want to issue this challenge to you: Dare to dream! We’ve got to be free to see, but we can’t see if we’re bound up in fear. Have you ever been introduced to someone and not caught his or her name because you were so concerned about what you were going to say in response? That’s intimidation. Once you are free of it, you can look at someone and think about that person rather than worrying about yourself. In that way, you can be God’s hands and God’s voice to people and build bridges of love, not fear. [...]

7 Apr, 2022

How to Find the Secret Place Where God Abides

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The gospel is so simple and real. God loves us enormously; it’s as though He has decided to leave us love notes everywhere. But how do you find the secret place where God abides?Whenever you open your heart to see and hear Him, He is there.It’s wonderful to look back over your life and see those hidden messages strategically placed—especially when you did not notice them earlier.When I’m Calling YouI have one such love note I’d like to share with you. When I was growing up, my family enjoyed watching Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy movies. Jeanette MacDonald had a beautiful [...]

17 Jan, 2019

The King’s Son Says, “I Choose You!”

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Introduction from James W. GollYears ago, the Lord used a dream encounter to powerfully impact my late wife, Michal Ann. It's message today is as poignant as the day she received it. And as she shares below, it is not just for her, but for the entire Bride of Christ! I pray that this message transforms your heart as it did hers!Believing for you to be changed by His Presence!James W. GollThe King's Son Say's, "I Choose You!"By Michal Ann GollOne of my most significant dreams was about the number 29, which has come to mean “being chosen” to me.I [...]

19 Apr, 2018

You Can Be Fearless and Free!

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“Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.” Does that statement speak to you? It sure spoke to me the first time I read it. I had always been by nature a very quiet and reserved person. But until then I had also been bound by fear and intimidation, and I hated it. There was so much in me that wanted to come out, but I felt tied down inside. I was like a runner who longed to run but couldn’t because heavy chains and weights hung on her ankles, holding her back. For years I cried [...]

30 Nov, 2016

When You Are Up Against a Wall

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Have you ever “hit the wall” with no seeming way forward? How do you keep getting back up again when it appears to be set back after set back? Well, I have been in this place multiple times and I seem to be there once again. Right now, many people are “Up Against the Wall.” So in my own search for light and guidance, the Holy Spirit has highlighted some truths in the writings of my late wife, Michal Ann Goll. In the book A Call to the Secret Place I found nuggets of truth in the last chapter titled "The Shelter of [...]

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