Introduction from James W. Goll

Years ago, the Lord used a dream encounter to powerfully impact my late wife, Michal Ann. It’s message today is as poignant as the day she received it. And as she shares below, it is not just for her, but for the entire Bride of Christ! I pray that this message transforms your heart as it did hers!

Believing for you to be changed by His Presence!

James W. Goll

The King’s Son Say’s, “I Choose You!”

By Michal Ann Goll

One of my most significant dreams was about the number 29, which has come to mean “being chosen” to me.

I dreamed that I had entered a large royal court where the king’s court was scheduled to open.

A woman who hated me with a passion was at that court. She put cigarette ashes on my head and would do anything she could to shame me.

When I entered the king’s court, I was assigned the number 29.

As I waited for the court to open, I noticed that someone was calling out women’s numbers. Whoever’s number was picked had to spend the night with a man—whether she wanted to or not.

This woman who hated me so much called out my number! Rather than submit to the sickening prospect of spending the night with a strange man, I ran out.

Unknown the me, the king’s son entered the royal court at that very same moment, and then all the preliminary foolishness with the women’s numbers stopped.

The king’s son was going to pick his bride that day, so they were calling out a number to select her.

At that precise instant, the woman who hated me had called out “29,” which was my number. The king’s son looked up, just as I ran out of the room.

Putting his finger up to his mouth, the prince said, “I like that. She ran away from evil. I like it, I choose her!”

Everyone in the court began to ask one another, “Where did she go? Did you see where she went? The prince has chosen her.”

Then, in my dream, I saw myself come back into the court, but this time I was dressed in regal clothes, and I looked totally different.

I walked down the center aisle of the royal court, and the king’s son kissed me and placed a royal scepter in my hand.

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You Are Chosen

That dream wasn’t just for me, but for all of us who are the Bride of Christ.

He has chosen us. When the enemy comes to revile, intimidate, threaten, and entrap us, and we run from him, God says, “I choose them. I choose them!”

You are chosen.

Changed by His Presence

God wants to woo and draw you into His presence. When He does, you will walk down that aisle to your Bridegroom with no shame on your face.

You will be captivated by His love when He says, “Oh, how I’ve waited for you to come. How I’ve longed to embrace you and be in union with you.”

When you come into that place, all your fear just melts away.

No matter how much the enemy tries to intimidate you, he can’t stand before God’s perfect love. Oh, how I love His presence and the embrace of my Bridegroom, Lover, and King.

His presence is so great that it will change each one of us.

We need to have confidence that our Father truly loves us. As a result, we will hear what the Lord will speak in days and nights ahead.

We need to release the Holy Spirit’s creative flow over everyone in our families and local church bodies. We need to be who God has made us to be.

This will only happen as we look neither to the left nor to the right but keep our eyes fixed on Him.

We need to let Him set the standards of what we speak, how we act, and how we live our lives.

God has ordained that we live under His incredible banner of love, and beside that lies the fruit of His Kingdom presence. The word is here: no more fear!

The King has chosen YOU!

Michal Ann Goll

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