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God Encounters Ministries

Invitation into Partnership

By James W. Goll

March 26th, 2020 | 1-877-200-1604

Partner With Us

We are Each Called to Build a
Dwelling Place for the Holy Spirit.
Would You Help Build with Us at GEM?

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus,

God Encounters Ministries began as Ministry to the Nations over 30 years ago by James and Michal Ann Goll. The envision of GEM is to equip the Body of Christ to be effective disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer, the prophetic carrying the presence of God into all of the cultural spheres of society and life. Though Michal Ann graduated to be with Jesus in 2008, James and Team continue to carry on this vibrant ministry “To Win for the Lamb the Rewards of His Suffering.”

We use a variety of tools and approaches that reach hundreds of thousands each year thru online webinars and classes, developing resource materials, conferences, media, podcasts, GEM Missions, mentoring programs and so much more. In fact, just this week we have started another new expression called INSIGHT – For the Days in Which We Live, a weekly Facebook Live Broadcast based out of Daniel 12:3. My youngest daughter, Rachel Tucker, joins me as the co-host as we share together about relevant subjects to feed our growing online audience.

All the more in these turbulent times, we at GEM need your assistance to carry on this mission and to expand the house. As we abide by the guidelines set forth by our national and state governments during the time of the Coronavirus, this obviously affects in the income streams of GEM. By the way, I turn all honorariums in to the ministry plus the sales of my resources also go directly back into the ministry. But of course, these income streams are at a virtual standstill. Did you know, that I also raise my own Personal Salary Support from donors such as you? Yes, I and our entire team are reliant upon the faithfulness of God’s people, who demonstrate their trust and belief in the calling of this global ministry.

Together, we are called to build the House of the Lord. In the natural, there are different laborers used with different skills for a variety of tasks.  So also, at God Encounters Ministries, we need an entire Construction Crew to help effectively maintain this ministry on a proper foundation and expand the vision of this house.

If this ministry has been a blessing to you, then we ask that you prayerfully consider joining our GEM Team by being a Monthly Partner.  So watch the video and read the material below as we are now officially launching our new Partners Program!

Remember, Together, in Jesus We Make a Great Team!
James W. Goll Staff and Board

Become a Partner Today!

Watch the new video on Invitation into Partnership as James gives you a brief history of the background of God Encounters Ministries, A Ministry to the Nations. Remember, we are better together!
Watch the Video

Partner with Us

Three Ways to Partner

Help us Build the House of the Lord in Three Different Ways

At GEM we have Three Ways that you may participate as a financial partner with us. Each expression comes with distinct benefits to the giver as well. We are each called to be blessed and to be a blessing.

Foundation Builder Partner

Contribute $10 to $99 a Month.

Here are Some of the Benefits for the Foundation Partners:

  • NEW! Opportunity for personal prayer requests to be received.  This is only available for our Partners.
  • Receive the Quarterly Update Packet if living in the U.S. or sent to you by Email if you live anywhere else in the world.
  • Monthly Thank You Letters with Free Special downloadable gifts each month.
  • NEW! Personal Phone Call from a GEM Representative at least twice a year!
  • NEW! Dedicated Facebook Group for Partners Only. Coming Soon!
  • NEW! A personal God Story Video posted each month on the Facebook Group site.

Become a Partner Today!

Construction Zone Partner

Contribute $100 to $499 a Month.

Construction Partners Will Receive All of the Benefits of the Foundation Partners plus an Additional Great Benefit:
  • Individual Class Video Streaming with a value of 40.00 per month.

Become a Partner Today!

Expansion Crew Partner

Contribute $500 or More a Month.

Expansion Crew Partners Will Receive All of the Benefits of the Foundation Partners plus an Additional Great Benefit:
  • Mega Bundle Video Streaming of any of our classes with a value of $75.00 per month.

Become a Partner Today!


If you are already a financial partner, then we want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your acts of kindness and support. If you are new to this ministry, then it would be an honor to Welcome You into our Family of Partners!

Remember, Together in Jesus, We Make a Great Team!

James W Goll
Founder and Executive Director of God Encounters Ministries

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