“What is the word of the Lord for the new year?”

“Is there fresh bread coming down from heaven today?”

“What is the Holy Spirit been speaking to you about, James Goll?”

I am asked these questions very often. But sometimes I need to push the pause button first and ask people if they are seeking God directly. Are they praying over the Word of God on a daily basis and asking the Holy Spirit to give them revelation?

I have been taught to store up the written Word of God in my heart and soul to give the wind of God, the breath of God, the Holy Spirit, something to breathe upon and out of which to create a revelatory spoken word. So before I give you some of the fresh hot bread that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me in recent months, I want to first give you a part of the written Word of God available to each one of us on a daily basis.

Three Clear Foundational Scriptures