While I align with the Hebrew calendar of 5771, I also honor the civil calendar of 2011. I find that the Holy Spirit is quite capable of speaking to us in both calendars. Many prophetic voices have stated, 2011 is a year of great transition. I wholeheartedly agree! It could be a year of great turmoil and disruption in the nations as well. The Holy Spirit is having me revisit the things He showed as many as 20 years ago and is bringing me to the realization that these are the beginning of the days He was speaking to me about in those earlier years.

We need to transition in this year by moving forward in many levels into a fuller realm of authentic apostolic life and greater discipleship. 11 is an “odd number”. It is a year that things have to be resolved! We must move forward. I cannot over emphasize this point. It is imperative. I keep feeling that there is something coming soon on the horizon called electromagnetic pulses. It has to do with communication systems being attacked and disrupted. So let’s be ready in prayer to move into crisis intervention at any moment!

For the first time ever in my life, I felt the Holy Spirit give me scriptures for the 2011 year. Yes, I am late in distributing this – but God knows it has been in my heart to deliver this for weeks. Along with these scriptures, I have made an Update Message expanding on these points that I will release very soon. So let’s go to the Word of God and receive hope for our days! As you will see, most all these scriptures have the number 11 or 20 in it and in some cases a combination of both.

1. Psalm 16:11 – At the Right Hand is Fullness of Joy!

It is a time that we must find, or for some of us rediscover, that our true fulfillment in life and our true pleasure comes from the right hand of God – the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. I am starting with this verse on purpose. He is our treasure. In Him is fullness of joy in every aspect of life and everlasting pleasure. O, how I love Jesus! Seek Him!

2. Luke 11:1 – Teach us to Pray!

   II Cor. 2:11 – Not Ignorant of Satan’s Schemes
A fresh emphasis on the “Hour that Changes the World” will come in 2011! Many will enroll in His School of Prayer! It is time for renewed understandings on Spiritual Warfare and the Authority of the Believer. We must continue to soak in intimacy, but then we must also arise and release the power of His declarative Word! Kingdom Come! Will be Done! Teach us to Pray!

3. Romans 1:11 – Imparting Spiritual Gifts

   Col 1:11 – Supernatural Strength
There will be a higher level of gift impartation and empowerment of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands for supernatural strength for the days in which we live. New healing ministries will be released and deliverance from demonic oppression will result by the authority of one revelatory word!

4. John 11:1 – Three Friends of Jesus

The three friends of Jesus will find each other. “Marthas” will go out and find people, invite Jesus to their house, and hospitality will find a new place in the House of the Lord. “Marys” will continue to assume their posture at the feet of Jesus but with gratitude that Martha brought Him to the house. When Martha and Mary are joined together it will result in the raising of the dead of “Lazarus’” in our midst. The revival of the raising of the dead shall break forth!

5. John 11:11 – It is Time to Awaken out of Sleep!

Jesus went to “awaken” His friend Lazarus from out of His sleep. While revival, renewal and outpourings shall continue to spring forth in various locations, we have crossed the threshold into the beginning of the Third Great Awakening! Yes, in our day and our time! (See my CD called I MUST BURN! to experience this!) Empowered believers will be released into societal transformation.

6. John 20:11 – Humility and Perseverance are Required!

Mary stayed at the tomb even during a time of confusion. She stooped low and gazed within. Mary was then enabled to see two angels and eventually encounter the risen Lord Himself. It is time for humility and perseverance. Stoop low and keep on looking!

7. Titus 2:11 – Grace for Salvation

The message of grace will come forth with greater clarity. It will produce a true call to complete conversion. A purity movement will result as new people come to faith shedding their old ways and provoking older believers to engage in a true holiness! Tough cases will be resolved. Rough people will get saved! Watch for it! Expect it! Saul’s shall be changed to Paul’s.  Muslims will come to the Lord in record numbers!

8. Acts 20:20 – Public Teaching and House To House

It is a time when apostolic wineskins are being formed to hold the new wine. This will include a renewed emphasis on teaching and discipling including great Bible expository preaching and many forms of a House to House movement that is apostolically aligned! Ministries emphasizing old time Bible Studies will expand and grow! Yet, these apostolic wineskins will include organic community meeting house to house!

9. Proverbs 2:11 – Wisdom and Discernment

   Psalm 111:10- Fear of the Lord
Out of necessity “discernment” will increase. In fact, this is my major prayer for my own life and ministry. Wisdom, discernment and the fear of the Lord will increase. The fear of the Lord is clean! We will exchange performance based acceptance for encounters of a greater depth of the fear of the Lord. He will motivate us when we experience Him!

10. Isaiah 11:11 – Israel and the Land

    Romans 11; Amos 9:11
Recently I was given a “warning dream” stating that we were entering into the time of the “division of the nations”. Nation after nation will take a stand against Israel and her land covenant with God and abandon her. (I do not like making this statement!) Many nations will take a dangerous position this year concerning their posture towards Israel and the Land. A war will loom, brewing in Syria and Lebanon to retake the Golan Heights. But I saw in the dream that there will be one nation that will arise in that dark hour – the nation called the “body of Christ” will be Israel’s best friend.

11. Hebrew 11:1 – Now Faith Is!

   Mark 11 – Speak to Your Mountain
In one of my recent e-mail communiqués, I told about the encounter I had “Supernatural Faith for the Changing Room.” It was a profound encounter. I asked on the phone, “What time is it?” I heard a voice of the Lord say, “It is time for Jeremiah 33:3.” A television popped on and I saw people changing garments. They were taking off their old clothes and were being clothed with Joseph’s coat of many colors of favor! It is time for an extreme makeover! It is time for faith for the changing room!

This is part of what I have been receiving over the past several months. Listen to my update message, and let’s continue in 2011 with the Word of the Lord in our heart!


James W. Goll