23 Feb, 2023

Become the Revelation: Incarnate God’s Word

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As a prophet and a teacher, I talk a lot about the subject of revelation. But in the pursuit of revelation, it is often easy to miss its purpose. The heart of God is that we become the revelation, and incarnate God’s word—in other words, for us to look like, sound like, and act like Jesus! One of the people I have the honor of working with is Jeffrey Thompson, who serves as a project director for God Encounters Ministries. Here he describes a revelatory experience he had with the Lord that expresses this theme well: “One day not [...]

7 Jan, 2021

The Stand – ACPE Prophetic Word for 2021 & Beyond

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The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders was convened 22 years ago under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner and steered by Cindy Jacobs of Generals International. For years, this council has met together to seek the face of God for a collective word of the Lord for the coming year(s) for the body of Christ, the United States, and the nations of the earth. This is one of many prophetic roundtables that exist. This relationally-based council joins the generations, represents various ethnic backgrounds and includes a wide diversity of those with a prophetic gifting: mature prophets, seers, prophetic intercessors, [...]

20 Feb, 2020

A Time of Generational Prophetic Inheritance

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Often at the head of the New Year, in both the Hebrew calendar and the civil calendar, the Holy Spirit speaks concerning things to come. As I have prayed and sought the face of God, I have been given a series of revelations concerning the New Era we have now entered into of 5780 corresponding to the year of 2020 and beyond. We are not just crossing from one year to the next, but from one era or decade to the next in this strategic period of time. We really are crossing over from one side of the river [...]

15 Jan, 2015

God’s Trustworthy Word

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Are there any absolutes? Any standards or parts of the moral code that do not change? Most of the world seems to think that we are becoming more enlightened as time goes on, and that this means we must leave old standards behind. In the Western world, “inclusiveness” reigns supreme. If you stand for absolutes, you are accused of being old-fashioned and not progressive enough. Even some Christians accuse other believers who hold to absolutes of having a “religious spirit” and of not understanding true love, mercy, and grace. Well, I guess, count me in! I, for one, am [...]

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