Second Coming

26 Aug, 2021

Why It is Imperative to Pray and Take a Stand for Israel

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Nations are being weighed in the balance. These are tumultuous times. Much is at stake right now, and society is rapidly changing right before our eyes.  It is extremely important to have God’s perspective and to land on God’s side in these critical times. I believe it is imperative that once again we take a good hard look at what God’s Word says about the Land of Israel and His covenant promises. So let’s set our gaze clearly and surely concerning the Apple of God’s Eye. Let’s be grounded in the foundational understandings of “Why I Pray and Take [...]

23 Aug, 2021

Can You Accelerate the Return of Jesus?

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The Day of His Appearing In the midst of all that is happening around the world today, are you and I able to accelerate the return of Jesus? Some would say we absolutely cannot hasten the return of the Lord because, in their theological take on the providence of God, everything is preordained. I believe very much in the sovereignty of God. I also believe He gave us free will, and He invites us into the mystery and destiny of being a co-laborer with Christ. As we consider whether we can hasten His appearing, let's ask another question: Is [...]

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