14 May, 2020

Prophetic Perspective on the New Era

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The questions I am frequently receiving in this season have prompted me to provide prophetic perspective on the New ERA I believe we have entered. These questions sound something like this: "What comes next?" "Where do we go from here?" "What does this 50-Day Divine Reset require of me?" "Can we just go back to what we knew?" Change is upon us no matter what! We are in the midst of one greatest defining moments in recent global history. WWII left a global impact with the realigning of nations and the birth of the nation of Israel. The terror attacks [...]

27 Oct, 2016

The Best Position in Prayer: Seated with Christ

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In recent months a revelatory perspective concerning prayer and intercession has deeply penetrated me. The principle of Praying from Victory and Not Towards It rests upon my heart and soul. I cannot get away from it. I seem to be engaged in a process that has me pondering and devoting chunks of my time in contemplative thought. So activate your heart and mind as I share some of my musings. A basic question must be addressed and answered. Where are we seated? Years ago I was on a plane sitting at a window seat while circling over New York City. The Holy Spirit [...]

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