16 Apr, 2020

50-Day Divine Reset from Passover to Pentecost

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We have entered into a 50-Day Divine Reset from Passover into Pentecost. In this strategic time in history, “God is Pushing the Reset Button.” In order to pass through this crucial period, it will require some intense chiropractic adjustments including Recalibration. Whatever is out of alignment, will be challenged. There will be a lot of pulling and stretching as we eventually move into a Recovery Phase and ultimately, if the Lord is willing, into one of the greatest times in recent history called the “Restoration of All Things” (see Acts 3:19-21). These are extreme times. If we are not careful [...]

2 Jun, 2016

“I Will Restore Pentecost!”

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This past April 9, 2016, Lou Engle and scores of other leaders merged together in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for The Call Azusa Now to celebrate the historic 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival of Los Angeles. Though I was unable to attend live due to recovery from my surgery, my full attention was riveted on my television set as I watched at least 13 hours of the event from my home in Franklin, TN. More than simply a nominal observer, I wept for at least six hours while agreeing in prayer as many of my friends [...]

8 Jun, 2011

God’s End Time Plan: I Will Restore Pentecost!

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I WILL RESTORE PENTECOSTA few years ago, the Holy Spirit shared a thought with me that I have not been able to shake. Gently, but powerfully I heard, “I will restore Pentecost!” In recent years, we have celebrated the 100th anniversary of the historic Azusa Street Revival of Los Angeles. Being in Los Angeles, California ministering this past week, I have found my heart being turned back to this word that was spoken into my spirit years ago. With the emergence of the Global Prayer Movement, let’s believe for a new Global Pentecost!There are typically three main applications that come [...]

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