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10 Nov, 2022

10 Strategic Words for Open Heavens

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Do you ever wish you could just apply a formula that would open the heavens over your life? While there is no formula, I want to share 10 strategic words that, when applied, will open the heavens over your mind, doors in your life, and ultimately lead to revival breakthrough. But first, I want you to consider a prophetic promise from Isaiah. Isaiah 9:2-3 "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light, and those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them." And the light will shine on them! Now, that is [...]

1 Sep, 2022

3 Keys to Open Heavens, Minds, and Doors

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At least three keys are needed to open heavens, minds, and doors for revival breakthrough: Prayer and fasting God’s presence Prophetic revelation I believe each of these aspects can be demonstrated biblically and historically regarding the elements that precede revival. Let’s briefly look at all three elements. Key #1: Prayer and Fasting Prayer with fasting is a powerful key to making an opening for breakthrough. One of my favorite revival testimonies comes from the 1949–52 Hebrides Revival. The Hebrides is a set of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. Two sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith, eighty-four and eighty-two [...]

31 May, 2018

Creating an Opening

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Blowing the Roof Off the House Have you ever reached a desperation point in which you said, “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do whatever is needed to get a breakthrough!” In Mark 2:1-5, four friends were looking for a breakthrough when they brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The house was so full that they couldn’t get in. That’s when they reached a desperation point. Rather than giving up and going home, these men had a divine moment of inspiration, “Let’s blow the roof off the house!” So, they literally removed the ceiling and lowered their friend to [...]

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