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2 Sep, 2021

Does Scripture Command Me to Pray for Israel and the Middle East?

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Does God's Word give any clear directives specifically to pray for Israel and the Middle East? We are not to be blown around by every whimsical wind of doctrine or the latest fad that hits the charismatic shores. We must be grounded in the Word of God. We must be knowledgeable of what the Scriptures have to say on a given matter. God is not impressed with our opinions or our preconceived prejudicial thinking. God’s Word has the authority and the final say! To know God’s heart, we must diligently study God’s Word as a prerequisite to being approved [...]

20 Aug, 2021

Can You Accelerate the Return of Jesus?

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The Day of His Appearing In the midst of all that is happening around the world today, are you and I able to accelerate the return of Jesus? Some would say we absolutely cannot hasten the return of the Lord, because in their theological take on the providence of God, everything is preordained. I believe very much in the sovereignty of God. I also believe that He gave us free will, and that He invites us into the mystery and destiny of being a co-laborer with Christ. As we consider whether we can hasten His appearing, let’s ask another question: Is [...]

11 May, 2020

Facebook Live: The Battle for Jerusalem: Finding God’s Plan for Israel & the Middle East

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Monday, May 11th @ 2pm CDT Facebook Live - Free Webinar with Dr. James W. Goll The Battle for Jerusalem: Finding God's Plan for Israel and the Middle East https://www.facebook.com/jamesgollpage/

30 Jun, 2017

Why Should I Be a Watchman for Israel?

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As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve as watchmen for the people of God, whoever they may be—even the ones who do not yet identify themselves as the people of God. God asks volunteer watchmen like you and me to shoulder a burden for the Jewish people and for all of the descendants of Abraham. God’s plan is to bring Jews alongside Gentiles (non-Jews) into full saving knowledge of Christ. He wants to win over Jews, Arabs, Chaldeans, and all residents of the Middle East to His Son. The day will come—and we have a key part in hastening [...]

24 Oct, 2014

Praying Through the Rise of Evil in the Middle East

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The following are excerpts taken from posts composed by Jon Hamil of Lamplighter Ministries located in the Washington D. C. area. Jon has hosted James Goll on 3 national teleconference prayer calls in October on issues related to the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and other strategic issues. This written report correlates with the phone conference call from this past Wednesday, October 21, 2014 that we have posted in the PS Audio section below. We encourage you to listen to the interview and read the following summary written by Jon Hamil. Blessings! James W. Goll Historic Prayer Calls [...]

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