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31 Jan, 2022

Warning Dream: Do Not Be Ignorant of the Devil’s Scheme

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Recently, I was given a stark dream in which I was given instruction in the wisdom ways of God for the purposes of prayer and to forewarn us so we do not get caught up in the enemy's schemes. Paul, the apostle, stated that we are not to be ignorant of the devil's schemes. In my dream filled with dark clouds and shifty rolling atmospheres, I heard the penetrating voice of the Holy Spirit say, "Be careful in the coming months. There is a War of Words being waged!" I woke up out of this encounter, knowing that this [...]

14 Oct, 2021

Conviction: The Key to Revival

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Revival depends on repentance. Repentance requires conviction of sin. Bringing conviction of sin to individual men and women is a vital aspect of the Holy Spirit’s ministry. Many believers have written and preached and taught about the multifaceted ministry of the Holy Spirit, but I believe that His ministry of bringing the conviction of sin has often been neglected. Revival Results from Conviction Watch out when the Spirit comes into your world with conviction “concerning sin and righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8)! His conviction is irresistible, both in a positive and in a negative sense. He will put His [...]

25 May, 2021

God’s Emotions–And What They Mean For Us

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7 Days The Bible gives a full-color picture of a God who is moved by emotions like yearning, love, and compassion. Our emotions reflect the emotional qualities of our Creator, who made us in His image. Discover how feelings have a vital place in any believer’s life, not just in those who have a more sensitive nature due to their personalities—impacting our relationships, our wholeness, our decisions, and our prayer life. Get this Reading Plan

8 Mar, 2021

How Spiritually Sensitive Are You?

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How Sensitive Are You? When we say someone is “sensitive,” what do we mean? In many cases, it means that we have to “walk on eggshells” around that person, right? You don’t want to upset a sensitive person because of the potential fallout. In a positive sense, though, it can mean that the person’s sensibilities are fine-tuned to pick up little environmental clues and subtle influences that help this individual navigate through life and relate to others. Extra-sensitive people are “Feelers,” and their antennae are always ready to receive signals. Without thinking about it, they will walk into a [...]

15 Feb, 2021

James Goll: God’s Remedy for Healing Your Persistent Wounded Spirit

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Jesus has come to heal the inside as well as the outside! In my walk with the Lord since childhood and having been in full-time vocational ministry for over 45 years, I found that one of the most common needs among believers and non-believers alike is the need for inner healing. I have needed Jesus to heal my wounded spirit and broken heart in different seasons of my life. I am sure that you can relate. Scripture often uses the terms "heart" and "spirit" interchangeably. One thing for sure; we each need to tend to the condition of our heart, [...]

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