1 Jun, 2023

Holiness and the Power of Conviction

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The conviction and conversion experience is the work of the Holy Spirit, sometimes experienced as dramatic and sometimes gentler in nature. In every case, an encounter with the Holy Spirit arouses an emotional response. And such encounters are not reserved for an elite few, such as the Old Testament patriarchs; they are for everyone. Jesus guaranteed that all generations would have access to God through the gift of His Holy Spirit. Remember what He told His disciples before His crucifixion: “I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not [...]

1 Jun, 2017

Taking a Firm Stand in Prayer

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To be effective in praying for the complex situations in the world today—particularly in places like, say, the Middle East or in the volatile political arenas of many nations—we need men and women of consecration and excellence, like biblical Daniel. We must take a firm stand! The long days and weeks of our lives may be leading up to a culminating event that only God knows about. We dare not relax or retire from active watchman duty or from the practice of holy living that makes us able to plead God's promises with consistency and integrity. If you are [...]

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