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14 Jun, 2018

Tell Your Heart to Sing Again

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“Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24, NASB The state of your heart is crucial when walking through a valley or a traumatic season in life. How you close one door in a time of transition makes a huge difference in how well you walk through the next door in your life’s journey. One thing is certain—when walking through a valley (see Psalm 23), you can’t afford to sit down in that low place and have a long-term pity party. Sometimes, you have to choose to put one foot [...]

3 Mar, 2017

Values Anchored Believers

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Recently I had a dream in which I heard the following, “We have had Purpose Driven Lives and now we have Presence Motivated People. But what we need for the days that are ahead are Values Anchored Believers.”  I can always tell when it is truly the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking. The content is way beyond what I could ever conceive or articulate on my own. God’s word carries weight, grabs your attention and requires steps of action. I was alerted to the fact that the Holy Spirit was not putting down of any of the previous stages or [...]

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