Avner Boskey

18 Jun, 2014

Rumble in Nineveh

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This past week has seen the collapse of central U.S. strategies in the Middle East. Ayatollah Khomeini's fateful plane ride from Paris to Tehran in 1979 generated a spiritual earthquake in the region. Current events in Iraq are a similar major shock. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS - a group spiritually connected with al Qa'eda) have taken over Iraq's second largest city Mosul, as well as Tiqrit, Saddam Hussein's ancestral town. They have stampeded over a half million mostly Muslim refugees who have fled from before the black flags of jihad, The jihadi convoys of captured [...]

16 Nov, 2012

War in Gaza – Day Three: Crossing Red Lines

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The limited warfare between Israel and the jihadi terror group Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) in the Gaza Strip has entered its third day. Hamas rocket squads are firing on the average 12 rockets per hour, or a minimum of 300 per day, at last count. As the Sabbath evening fell on the Jewish state, over 550 rockets and mortars have been fired from Gaza and Sinai onto Israeli civilian farms, villages, towns and cities. Israel Air Force planes have responded with over 600 air attacks on long and medium range rocket silos and warehouses in Gaza, often hidden next to [...]

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