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    • Deliverance from Darkness Class by James W. Goll
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    • Deliverance from Darkness book by James W. Goll
    • Deliverance from Darkness Study Guide by James W. Goll
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    • The Seer Class by James W. Goll
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    • The Seer Expanded book by James W. Goll
    • Discovering the Seer in You Study Guide by James W. Goll
  • The prophetic movements in church history and in contemporary life are fed by two mighty streams: the prophet, whose revelation is primarily verbal, and the seer, whose revelation is more visionary in nature. Join author James W. Goll on an exciting and insightful journey into this lesser-known dimension - the visionary world of the seer. You will discover the prophetic power of dreams, visions, and life under the open heavens.
  • What is the difference between a Seer and a Prophet? How do you cultivate the revelatory presence of the Lord? Is there a key that authentically opens the heavens? Packed with scriptural references, church history and contemporary understandings, this manual reveals how you can cultivate the seer realm of the prophetic in your life. Find and release the special gifts that God has given to you to draw you into a deeper revelation of Jesus Christ.
  • Format: Streaming We've assembled all of our classes into this convenient bundle. When you subscribe to the Mega Streaming Bundle, you receive access to stream the audio and/or video for All 19 Classes (plus some bonus classes) by James W. Goll.
  • Choose Format: 6 DVD’s, 12 CD’s, Streaming or Download
    • Contains 12 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
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    Packed with scriptural references, church history and contemporary understandings, this class reveals how you can cultivate the seer realm of the prophetic in your life. These 12 lessons will teach you how to grow in the spirit of wisdom and revelation and discover the seer in you.
  • Just as all strong towers are built on firm foundations, so it is with our faith. Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer, this accessible, comprehensive guide lays out the enduring biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of faith for every mature Christian.
  • Help is on the way! Not only do we get to "entertain angels unaware," we can partner with angels and be "aware of their presence." Learn from Scripture how angels are released in the earth realm and come to our aid as they did for the Messiah Jesus.
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    James W. Goll shares powerful prophetic encounters and releases declarations, set to a beautiful instrumental track by John Belt.
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    Receive God's Healing Presence as James & Michal Ann Goll weave inspiration through scripture, stories and prayers of impartation set to the beautiful instrumental music of John Belt.
  • Format: MP3 Download We each start out our journey of faith with great zeal, but how will we end up? In this unique message, James Goll provides a foundational overview on characteristics of historic revivals wedded with lessons learned by participating and observing multiple waves of the Holy Spirit in his own life.
  • Format: MP3 Download In these messages, James Goll teaches on the power of a compassionate heart and how tears can change the mind of God. Messages include "The Power of Compassionate Weeping" and "Releasing Tears".
  • 6 MP3 Downloads These inspiring teachings combine some of the best material from James W. Goll's life experience. In this vulnerable series, James invites you into the trenches of his personal life and background, where he has learned to become an OVERCOMER in Christ. You can do the same! James combines a depth of scriptural understanding woven with personal stories and prayers that will help you learn how to rule and reign in life.
  • Format: MP3 Download The Lord set James on a journey of rediscovering an amazing gift of the Holy Spirit that is available to every believer – the gift of speaking in tongues. Packed with scriptural guidelines and practical life lessons, these messages will teach you to pray and sing in the Spirit with ease and faith. Release missiles in intercession and learn to build yourself up in your faith by rediscovering the gift of tongues in this 2 MP3 set that includes a time of activation.
  • In this potent message, James W. Goll gives you insights on how to identify and capture the thief that steals in your life. Receive the scriptural tools needed to capture generational demonic forces and bind them up through judicial intercession in Jesus' name.
  • These messages will help you take a stand against the deaf and dumb spirit in your life, exposing and diffusing the deaf and dumb spirit's influence in both relationships and regions.
  • The Jezebel spirit personified by the Biblical Queen Jezebel, arch-enemy of God's prophets, has been rightly identified. In these messages, James W. Goll will help you to identify and expose the influence of this spirit in your life, sphere, church, cities, and nation.
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    While at Life Center in Harrisburg, PA, James got caught up in the Spirit as the place was saturated with the manifested presence of God. The seer realm was opened up and he declared over and over again "The Beginning of the Third Great Awakening..." This historic God Moment was captured on recording and enhanced by the musical production of McKendree Augustus Tucker IV.
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    While at the World Prayer Center, James Goll was caught up into another realm. This live recording is great for soaking, with over 60 minutes of prophetic, spontaneous worship and teaching with keyboard and instrumentation by John Belt. Come closer to the heart of God and find greater intimacy with your creator and the lover of your soul - Jesus!
  • Dr. James Goll and Dr. Don Finto partner together in this 2 message series and explore the significance of Israel today and how this affects the Church.
  • When God’s people send “up” the incense of prayer and worship, God will send “down” supernatural power, anointing, and acts of intervention. James Goll paints a picture of prophetic clarity and urgency in this anointed work that sounds God’s clarion call to His Church: This is the season for us to mount the walls with prayer and praise - and restore the lost art of intercession!
  • Includes: Disc 1 - Music with Prayers and Declarations | Disc 2 - Instrumental Only Bonus CD Prayers for Israel focuses specifically on praying biblical prayers for the nation and people of Israel. By using the biblical text as a track, James Goll prays from the Word as it is written, and then launches into Spirit-led spontaneity and personalized application.
  • In this day and age when spiritual experiences of all kinds are on the rise, it is essential that believers be grounded in truth so that we may rightly judge supernatural occurrences in our lives and the lives of those we love. This teaching set is an invaluable resource for understanding the nature, purpose, and function of angelic encounters.
  • James Goll's action-oriented approach walks you step by step through the process of freeing both yourself and others from strongholds of the enemy with the authority you have in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to claim that authority and discover the Lord's battle plan for you - an overcomer.
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    There is hope for you! How do you cope, let alone rebuild your life after a series of trials, stressful difficulties, and traumatic experiences? Deeply personal and intensely practical, Finding Hope will give you useful tools whether for yourself or someone you love. You can rediscover life after tragedy!
  • Choose Format: Softcover Study Guide, PDF Download What are the ways that God speaks today? Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with God for years, this study guide will give you practical tools to grow in recognizing the many ways God speaks.
  • James Goll takes readers on an adventure into the heart of what it means to hear God, and how to do it. Over the course of this journey, both beginners and those who have been listening to God for years will explore biblical principles about prayer, starting from square one. God is speaking to you today. Grow in assurance that He wants you to hear.
  • Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today isn't just about discovering our spiritual gifts, or even receiving them - it's about releasing them! God wants you to experience the great wonder of moving in and through His grace - on a daily basis.
  • Did you know that you typically have a lot more angelic company than you realize? Your prayers release God's power, and God often sends angels to bring His powerful response. James and Michal Ann Goll use Scripture, church history, testimonies, and personal experience to: describe the different categories of angel, explain angels' ministry as God's agents to the world, and demonstrate how intercession and angelic ministry are related.
  • Living a Supernatural Life is a guide to understanding the Spirit's power in our time, and a handbook for participating in His work. This book is a challenge to all believers to become more like Jesus in character and action, totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. Find out how to live in the reality of the supernatural realm, attuned in mind and heart to God's kingdom coming in power through the Holy Spirit living in you.
  • Within the pages of this book is an invitation to increase your hunger and passion for the Lord Jesus. You will experience the collision of religion with reality, theology with thirst, and legalism with extravagant love. Journey toward the joy and pleasure of knowing God's Presence.
  • Based on extensive biblical study and years of personal insights, James and Michal Ann Goll teach you to understand the language of dreams. You will learn to: receive and understand your dreams, interpret and apply your dream revelations, recognize the difference between the Holy Spirit, natural, and demonic dreams and much more.
  • Passionate Pursuit shows you how to open your heart to encounter the living Lord. As your discovery of God unfolds, and your relationship with Him deepens, you will be surprised and delighted to hear His voice, to learn from Him – and to touch His heart. You will be filled with the life of God, and you will always desire to come back for more. In the process, you will gradually be transformed to become like Him and to reflect His image to others.
  • Authors James Goll and Lou Engle seek to inspire an entire generation to exchange temporal pleasures for a radical and passionate leap into the spiritual joy of Jesus Christ. You will be propelled into joining the cries of other lovers of the Savior, "Is there not a cause in the land?" His answer is, "Yes!"
  • The Lifestyle of a Prophet takes you through a 21-day journey into the heart of the prophetic calling.  This guide will help you develop the intimacy with God essential to hearing His voice clearly.  Daily reflection questions, devotional prayers and practical applications will help you proclaim His words faithfully - and to step boldly into your calling.
  • Taken from the Dream Language class taught by James and Michal Ann Goll, these four messages will help you build a foundation for dreams and dream interpretation.
  • These teachings will stir your faith and inspire you to live a life of supernatural fruit and gifting. You can make a difference when you rely upon Jesus and put your trust in the finished work of the cross. This four message set brings you some of the best teachings from James W. Goll used to compose the book Living a Supernatural Life.
  • Discover an exciting adventure awaiting you in the prophetic realm. God desires to shares his heart with you and with others. In Adventures in the Prophetic, a team of well-known prophets share their insights and experiences.

  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the A Radical Faith class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer, this accessible, comprehensive class lays out the enduring biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of belief for every mature Christian. This class will help you build an indestructible foundation of radical faith in the face of the wind and waves that are facing the world today.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Getting to Know God and His Word class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to know God better? This Getting to Know God and His Word class helps you understand who God is; his ways, his character, and how he has revealed himself. God has revealed the unchanging nature of His character to us in His Word. These 12 lessons by James W. Goll will help you discover the joy of knowing your heavenly Father and being transformed into His image.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Finding Hope class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Hope changes everything! This class will infuse you with the happy anticipation of good for your own life, and then empower you to release hope, life and love to others. These 10 lessons by James W. Goll will fill you with hope and activate you to share the healing you have received to change the world around you!
  • Format: Streaming (Audio Only) Receive access to stream the Consecrated Contemplative Prayer class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to grow in intimacy with God? James W. Goll brings understanding from the truths of Christian mystics of the past and builds on it with lessons from his own walk with the Lord. As you listen through this class and spend time in your prayer closet, you will find yourself more in love with God than ever before!
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Angelic Encounters Today class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Angels were at work throughout the Old and New Testaments and they are still at work today! This class uses Scripture, church history, testimonies, and personal experience to describe the different categories and characteristics of angels, explain angels' ministry as God's agents to the world, demonstrate how intercession and angelic ministry are related, and show you how to perceive and engage angels in your own life. These 15 lessons will help you better understand the function and ministry of angels.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Deliverance from Darkness class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you need tools to battle the enemy's plans and schemes? In these sessions, topics include: Jesus Overcoming Demons, Battle Plans for Overcomers, Realms of Kingdom Authority, Deliverance Made Easy, and much more. These 15 lessons will cause you to grow in confidence to overcome the enemy and walk in the full freedom Christ has purchased.
  • Format: Streaming (Audio only) Receive access to stream The Healing Anointing class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to walk in the healing ministry of Jesus? In these sessions, James W. Goll covers topics like: The Healing Ministry of Jesus, How to Move in and Cooperate with the Anointing, Healing the Wounded Spirit, Overcoming Rejection, the Five Stage Healing Model, and much more. These 13 lessons will help you grow in confidence to step out in the healing power of Jesus.
  • Format: Streaming (Audio only) Receive access to stream the Revival Breakthrough class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Are there significant, consistant keys to revival? Are there ways to sustain a true move of God? James Goll brings solid teachings on topics like: Prophetic Prayers for Revival, Classic Characteristics of Revival, Historical Calls for United Fasting, Creating an Opening, Gatekeepers of His Presence, and much more. These 13 lessons will inspire you to believe for a revival breakthrough in your life, neighborhood, region, city, and nation for Jesus' sake.
  • James Goll shares his insights about prayer and its power to see you through each and every day's troubles and triumphs. Enjoy God's presence every day - 15 minutes will bring a lifetime of eternal blessings!

  • Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring! "Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain." (Zechariah 10:1) God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the earth. How should you respond? Join authors Bill Johnson, James Goll, Michael Brown and others in asking for more!

  • As you peer into God's heart for His beloved, you will discover your place in prayer and cooperative action during this momentous time in history.

  • This inspiring and challenging devotional serves as a motivation for all who want to follow Michal Ann's example of positively impacting others through fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised worldwide.

  • This personal revelatory journal will teach you the secrets of understanding and interpreting the supernatural language of your dreams, visions, and encounters with God.

  • Choose Format: 8 DVD’s, 15 CD’s, Streaming or Download
    • Contains 15 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
    • Optional Streaming may be added for just $10
    Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer, this accessible, comprehensive class lays out the enduring biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of belief for every mature Christian. These 15 lessons by James W. Goll will help you stand on the firm foundation of faith in the Lord Jesus.
  • Now is the time to help fulfill God's prophetic appointments for all three of Abraham's national offspring encompassing the entire Middle East. Join with intercessors worldwide to pray for Israel - and watch as God fulfills the amazing promises in His word.
  • Impacting the World Through Spiritual Gifts is filled with many examples of how the gifts have been used in action, both within the pages of the Bible and in the present day. God desires to pour out His gifts on His people with even greater degrees of impact and authority. This is your opportunity to find out what the Lord can do for you and through you as you release His spiritual gifts today in an outpouring of His love, grace, and power.