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A Prophetic Word for the Supreme Court - James Goll on The Jim Bakker Show

God Stories #1

On the Edge with James W. Goll - Part 1

James Goll Prophesies into 2018 With Steve Shultz

Strategies for Overcoming the Enemy

The Next Generation Prophets Speak

Five Clear Prophetic Words for 2018

These Turbulent Times_- How Should We Now Live

Revelation Without Deception - Lesson 1

The Voice of Destiny with Larry Sparks and Special Guest James W. Goll

Commissioned for the Frontlines

Do You Know the Seven Spirits of God?

Extreme God Encounters

Values Anchored Believers

The Voice of the Lord Creates Breakthrough

2017 - A Year of Breakthrough

When Jesus Saves the Best till Last

The Coming Israel Awakening - Part 1

The Coming Israel Awakening - Part 2

Prophetic Destiny

ACPE Word of the Lord 2016

Hope For Change

You Can Raise The Dead!

What is a Seer

What is a Mystic

What do Dreams Tell You

The Seer

The Coming Awakening

Raising the Dead

God and Entertainment

Dream Big, Even in the Second Half of Life - Part 2

Dream Big, Even in the Second Half of Life - Part 1


Generational Prophetic Synergy

Returning to the Stronghold of Hope

Eight Clear Words - Women on the Front Lines - 2013

Rediscover Life After Tragedy - Women on the Front LInes 2012

Eight Strategic Turning Points

Parenting in the Prophetic

Casting Your Nets - Part 2

Casting Your Nets - Part 1

The Elisha Generation - Part 1

The Elisha Generation - Part 2


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