The Opposite Life – Book – By Alex Seeley

The Opposite Life – Book – By Alex Seeley


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In The Opposite Life, pastor and author Alex Seeley explains the secret to living a powerful and abundant life through the upside-down kingdom of God. Each chapter unpacks the opposite-life principles that begin with our way of thinking and yield miraculous results.

Available on backorder


The Opposite Life: Unlocking the Mysteries of God’s Upside Down Kingdom Book


What if the path to a life of abundance and blessing isn’t what we expected? What if the way forward begins with going backward?

We all want the blessed life, but we often search for it in the wrong place. In The Opposite Life, pastor and author Alex Seeley explores twenty surprising principles that flip our thinking so that we can live an abundant life in the upside-down kingdom of God.

Through story and fresh biblical insight, Alex unfolds compelling truths from the Scripture as she contrasts vital themes including:

  • death vs. life
  • love vs. hate
  • fear vs. faith
  • worry vs. worship
  • and more…

Along the way, she offers encouraging and simple challenges to help us align our lives with God’s subversive plan. As we learn to exchange our default instincts for the surprising teachings of Jesus—our pioneer of the unlikely—we discover a life of transformational power, abundance, and more blessing that we ever thought possible.

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