Heroines of Faith Bundle – includes Heroines of Faith Book & The Best of Heroines of Faith 12 MP3 Message Set – By James W. and Michal Ann Goll


Give your mom a “Heroine of Faith” gift this Mother’s Day!

Save 26% when you purchase this bundle of the Heroines of Faith Book & The Best of Heroines of Faith 12 MP3 Message Set by James & Michal Ann Goll!



Give your mom a “Heroine of Faith” gift this Mother’s Day!

Save 26% when you purchase this bundle of the Heroines of Faith Book & The Best of Heroines of Faith 12 MP3 Message Set by James & Michal Ann Goll!


HEROINES OF FAITH – Book – By James & Michal Ann Goll

**This book combines the three books previously released as A Call to Courage, A Call to Compassion and A Call to the Secret Place into one comprehensive volume.

Heroines of Faith tells the true stories of twenty-seven women who forever changed the world through their courage, compassion, and devotion to the secret place. They overcame fear to become strong in faith, took God’s unfailing love to the world, and passionately pursued the prize of God’s presence.

What does the Holy Spirit have for you to learn from these women?

Pioneers of Freedom, Healing, and Courage: 

  • Joan of Arc, teenage peasant who led France’s army
  • Sojourner Truth, leader in the anti-slavery movement
  • Harriet Tubman, pioneer of the Underground Railroad
  • Aimee Semple McPherson, healing evangelist
  • Plus Corrie ten Boom, Vibia Perpetua, Lydia Prince, Bertha Smith, and Jackie Pullinger, with a Foreword by Cindy Jacobs

Carriers of Compassion, Compelled by Love: 

  • Catherine Booth, cofounder of the Salvation Army
  • Mother Teresa, devoted servant to the poor
  • Florence Nightingale, reformer of health care
  • Nancy Ward, “last beloved lady” of the Cherokee Nation
  • Plus Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael, Catherine Drexel, Phoebe Palmer, Hannah More, Elizabeth Fry, and Heidi Baker, with a Foreword by Patricia King

Seekers of the Secret Place and Intimacy with God:  

  • Madame Guyon, French writer on union with God
  • Teresa of Avila, Spanish Christian mystic
  • Susanna Wesley, innovator, educator, and mother of revival
  • Fanny Crosby, inspired songwriter of hymns
  • Plus Basilea Schlink, Gwen Shaw, and Elizabeth Alves

Draw near to God’s heart and hear your personal invitation to discover the joy of committing your life to Jesus, boldly heeding His call in your generation to be a woman on the frontlines of faith, hope, and love!

THE BEST OF HEROINES OF FAITH – 12 Message Set – By Michal Ann & James W. Goll 

Format: 12 MP3 Downloads

This Best of Heroines of Faith 12 MP3 Set combines the three separate 4 MP3 Sets of: The Best of a Call to Courage, The Best of A Call to Compassion, and The Best of A Call to the Secret Place. These messages are a complement to the Heroines of Faith book by James and Michal Ann Goll.

The Best of a Call to Courage – 4 MP3 Set – By Michal Ann Goll – (Messages 1-4)

Do you want to be courageous? Step out from fear as you listen to these powerful messages from Michal Ann Goll, highlighting testimonies from her own life and simple women of faith throughout the ages who have done great exploits in the name of Jesus. Break free from intimidation and begin to fully obey the call of the Lord upon your life.

The Best of A Call to Compassion – 4 MP3 Set –  By Michal Ann & James W. Goll – (Messages 5-8)

Discover the power of compassion! Michal Ann teaches how passion for the Lord Jesus moved the lives of William & Catherine Booth and Florence Nightingale to show compassion to those around them. James Goll insightfully shares how compassionate weeping in intercession moves the heart of God.

The Best of A Call to the Secret Place – 4 MP3 Set – By Michal Ann & James W. Goll – (Messages 9-12)

Do you want to discover the beauty of the secret place? Michal Ann bares her heart through her research and depth of relationship in God. She highlights the life of Madame Jean Guyon and weaves testimonies from her own life. Her life changing and sincere message, “Up Against the Wall”, came from her observation of how the swallow built a nest for their young in her own barn. James takes you on a journey through the life of Teresa of Avila bringing forth jewels of the secret place.

Messages include: 

Message 1: Women of Courage (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 2: Joan of Arc (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 3: Annie Get Your Gun (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 4: B-29 Bombers (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 5: Passion for Him Moves Us to Compassion (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 6: The Power of Compassionate Weeping (James W. Goll)

Message 7: William & Catherine Booth (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 8: Florence Nightingale (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 9The Depths of God (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 10: Madame Jean Guyon (Michal Ann Goll)

Message 11: Journey into the Castle (James W. Goll)

Message 12: Up Against the Wall (Michal Ann Goll)


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