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    Save 20% when you purchase this Deliverance from Darkness Bundle that includes the Deliverance from Darkness Book and the Understanding Deliverance from Darkness 4 MP3 Message Set by James W. Goll!
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream The Discerner class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Receiving revelation from God—it is something we all want! This class will teach you to walk in the supernatural power and guidance of God, with confidence. Not only will you hear Him better, you’ll gain clarity to avoid the traps of the enemy and discern the times in which we live. As you work through these lessons and put them into practice, you will grow in both receiving and discerning revelation so you can walk in the fullness of what God has for you.
  • Choose Format: 7 DVD’s, 14 CD’s, Streaming or Download
    • Contains 14 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
    • Optional Streaming may be added for just $10
    Do you need tools to battle the enemy's plans and schemes? Subjects include: Jesus Overcoming Demons, Battle Plans for Overcomers, Realms of Kingdom Authority, Deliverance Made Easy, and much more. These 14 lessons by James W. Goll will cause you to grow in confidence to walk in the full freedom Christ has purchased.
  • Use Coupon Code: WBDFD25 at checkout to Save 25% on either format for a limited time! Choose Format: Softcover Study Guide, PDF Download The action-oriented approach in the Deliverance from Darkness Study Guide walks you step by step through the process of freeing both yourself and others from strongholds of the enemy. You can overcome with the authority you have in Jesus Christ! Now is the time to claim that authority and discover the Lord's battle plan for you - an overcomer.
  • Save up to $19 when you purchase this Curriculum Kit that includes:
    • Deliverance from Darkness Class by James W. Goll
      • Contains 14 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
      • Choose Format: 7 DVD's, 14 CD's, Streaming or Download
      • Optional Streaming may be added for just $10
    • Deliverance from Darkness book by James W. Goll
    • Deliverance from Darkness Study Guide by James W. Goll
      • Choose Format: Softcover Study Guide, PDF Download
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