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23 Feb, 2011

Seven Reasons Why I Pray and Take a Stand with Israel

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(The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of my book Praying for Israel’s Destiny. The book is solid and relevant for these days. Having been an Israel Intercessor for many years, these truths roll out of my heart with ease. May you be enlightened and encouraged to take a stand in these perilous times.)1. Israel is Still the Apple of God’s Eye, and His Inheritance.Pray and take a stand for Israel because Israel is still very close to God’s heart. I have already shared Zechariah 2:8, which says, “He who touches you [Israel], touches the apple of His [...]

9 Feb, 2011

11 Scriptures for 2011

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While I align with the Hebrew calendar of 5771, I also honor the civil calendar of 2011. I find that the Holy Spirit is quite capable of speaking to us in both calendars. Many prophetic voices have stated, 2011 is a year of great transition. I wholeheartedly agree! It could be a year of great turmoil and disruption in the nations as well. The Holy Spirit is having me revisit the things He showed as many as 20 years ago and is bringing me to the realization that these are the beginning of the days He was speaking to [...]