Never Alone – Music CD – Sung by James W. Goll

Never Alone – Music CD – Sung by James W. Goll


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In Never Alone, James Goll sings inspirational songs about life, family, and devotion to God! Produced by McKendree Tucker with Grammy award winning Executive Producer, Brown Bannister.

36 in stock (can be backordered)

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Never Alone – Sung by James W. Goll. Inspirational songs about life, family, and devotion to God! Produced by McKendree Tucker with Grammy award winning Executive Producer, Brown Bannister.
Track 1: What a Wonderful World
Track 2: What the World Needs Now
Track 3: You Are So Beautiful
Track 4: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Track 5: Unforgettable
Track 6: Stick Together
Track 7: I Like to Dream
Track 8: Do You See Me Then
Track 9: You’ll Never Walk Alone
Track 10: Morning Has Broken (Benediction)

Back Drop to Never Alone – by James W. Goll

I was a singer before I ever was a preacher. When I was growing up in rural Missouri, singing was my lifeline. Whether it was performing at church or school functions, arranging choral sounds or bellowing forth as a soloist, it was truly my delight. Eventually I became a wedding singer and even sang with my bride at our own wedding ceremony. I just always loved to sing.

Later I became a full time vocational minister traveling the globe and spreading the Good News in over 50 nations. I helped to pioneer the art of prophetic singing with my endearing wife. Destiny brought us to Music City, U.S.A., where we raised our miracle family of six. Our story line includes my survival of multiple bouts of cancer while at the same time saying goodbye to Michal Ann as she graduated to her heavenly reward in the fall of 2008. My journey now put me on the path of rediscovering life after tragedy.

Deep called to deep and I kept feeling this tug to sing again. This is when I realized I was a singer before I was ever a preacher. Growing in the soil of my heart was an old dream being made new. I was born to sing. So, singing I am. I felt that I was to record inspirational music to lift the heart and soul. So, after all these years, here we are today.

So, while some of you might be expecting this to be a worship album, these songs instead tell my story of life, love, family and devotion to God. Why these specific songs? Let me give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

In beginning with What a Wonderful World, I am giving you a picture frame to look through with a heartfelt perspective. Indeed, God has a wonderful plan for each of our lives.

Unforgettable… Michal Ann was more than a dream come true. She is ingrained on the memory of my soul “though near or far”. Stick Together, primarily written by our youngest daughter, Rachel, carries on the family theme in this delightful duet.

In raising four kids, I was known for storytelling and spontaneous songs. I Like to Dream started out as a bedtime lullaby and was adapted for this recording. I included this song as a surprise addition to the sequence in honor of Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler and Rachel. “I like to dream about you!”

For me You’ll Never Walk Alone is a deeply spiritual song that has become the anthem of my life. There is one who sticks closer than a brother. And yes, there is a meditative prayerful closing that ties a bow on this presentation.

Perhaps these tunes will give you a glimpse into my heart and soul. With this as the back drop, and with the volume turned up, I trust that you will appreciate this performance of inspirational cross-classical music.

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2 reviews for Never Alone – Music CD – Sung by James W. Goll

  1. Kimberly Lewis (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful CD, I highly recommend it. The vocals, strings, piano and accompaniment are top notch. Think outside of the box when gifting someone with this CD. I purchased two and will be purchasing two more. One as a belated anniversary gift for a couple to take on their anniversary cruise. The other to bring comfort to a relative in the recent death of a family member to remind them that they are never alone. One CD fulfilling several purposes. My favorite song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

  2. weavedweller (verified owner)

    What a surprise to witness this side of James Goll!! I have listened to him speak on many occasions; it is wonderful when he is anointed to sing during the message. The songs in this CD show off the steady range of James’ voice and the purity of his commitment to family. And the Lord Jesus. The first time I heard the songs I cried through half the CD ~~ hearing also the intention behind the song…..amazed by the gratitude in the lyrics and instruments. Wonderful song choices. Beautiful execution. Thank you James for sharing.

    Since Kimberly shared her favorite song, mine is “What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong would be proud.

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