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31 Jul, 2015

Praying from Victory Not Towards It!

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If you missed Part 1 of the teaching on Praying from a Victorious Perspective, click here to read the article. This topic continues to rest upon my heart and soul and I continue to give it much prayerful thought. So hold on to your seat as I unpack another layer of my musings. Years ago I was on a plane sitting at a window seat while we were circling over New York City. The Holy Spirit said to me, “This is the best position.” I wondered what the Holy Spirit meant as I peered from a heavenly vantage point looking down over the amazing sites [...]

16 Jul, 2015

Understanding Your Dreams Is Rooted in Hebraic History

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Most Christians today are virtually ignorant of the rich heritage of dream language and revelation bequeathed to them by the church throughout its history. Actually, this legacy is older than the church. Christian dream language, like the church itself, has its roots in ancient Judaism. With such a long history, why is this important dimension of Christian experience either unknown or dismissed by so many believers? New Testament Scripture itself says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. With God, there is “no variation or shadow of turning.” In other words, God never changes. What God did long [...]