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    While James does not specify a particular financial amount to accept ministry invitations, the honorariums and resource sales generated by these events are the two primary revenue streams covering all God Encounters Ministries expenses and staff salaries. Therefore, your generosity in honorariums and providing the sale of resource materials to those in attendance is greatly appreciated.

    If James turns down a speaking engagement due to scheduling conflicts, he may refer a qualified team member in his place who has ministry experience appropriate to the event you are hosting. This is simply a recommendation that has often benefited hosting ministries, but is in no way an obligation for the host to accept.

    If James accepts your invitation, it is a significant commitment of trust being made by both parties. The desire of God Encounters Ministries is to build up the Body of Christ. James recognizes that each ministry handles finances differently and he will honor the protocols that are in place for the host organization.

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