“With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the spirit.
And with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.”
Ephesians 6:18

Take a Stand And Pray with All Forms of Prayer

Multiple forms of prayer exist with great diversities of application. Including every expression from devotional communion with God, to praying and singing in the Spirit or in the gift of tongues, to spiritual warfare dimensions accenting the gift of discerning of Spirits. In addition to these different models of prayer, we also have petitions, devotional contemplation, travail, the prayer of tears, reminding God of His Word and so many other expressions. Prayer can be a form of taking a stand, or a stance on something.

I teach through a variety of forms of prayer in my book, Strike the Mark. That is the resource where I give the widest exposure to biblical, historical, and revelatory intercession. However, in this setting, I am emphasizing my book, The Global Prayer Storm: Where Every Prayer Counts and Every Sacrifice Matters. Why? In this book, I distinguish “Crisis Intervention thru Intercession.” It is the need of the hour!

Ephesians 6:18 says, “With all prayer and petition, pray at all times”. We need Spirit directed, and Spirit empowered prayer in every form of prayer. With this foundation in place, it says, “now be on the alert.” The word “alert” means to be ‘vigilante’. We are not to fall asleep on our watch. We are to be alert! Wake Up! Be vigilant!

Another key presented here: “persevering prayer”. And sometimes we just can’t quit. It is when we knock and keep on knocking, seek, and keep on seeking. We ask and keep on asking. This is where perseverance matters. Pray at all times in the Spirit! With this in view- be on the alert, with all perseverance and petition, for all the Saints.

The Enemy’s Plot to Divide Ukraine

I want to share a story with you. I met a man named Rabbi Boris Grisenko around 28 years ago. While in Minsk, Belarus, I walked into a room where I didn’t know hardly anyone. Hundreds of people filled the room. And I walked up to this young, bearded man, and told him, “You are going to eventually have the world’s largest Messianic congregation.” Well, that’s a pretty, risky thing to say to someone. I actually spoke the secrets of his heart, the doubts that he had, and got his attention. And I rolled the dice, and then I gave him this prophetic word. And this word ended up becoming true. Eventually he did have the largest, integrated Messianic Congregation in Kiev, Ukraine. I have not seen Rabbi Boris since, other than one other time at a “Passion for Jesus” type conference in Kansas City, MO.

However, recently I helped raise funds, along with hundreds of other people, for Ukrainian disaster relief. We assisted with funds for medical aid and humanitarian aid relief, solar bibles and more. Then, Rabbi Boris contacted me through a friend, and asked me to speak at a zoom conference for their leaders. So I sought the Lord on what to share.

Current Day Diaspora

I talked to them about how I felt the enemies plot was to divide the Ukraine into two parts. And one of the plots of the evil one would be to take over all port cities over the Black Sea. We know of the disaster that’s gone on in Mariupol, and the disaster that’s going on there and still going on there, but just a few kilometers away is Odessa. Which, I believe, is the third largest city and is a highly Jewish populated city.

This all is reminiscent of Jewish people in the Bible, with the two diasporas – scatterings. Now they could face their own current day diaspora. But, this dispersement is going to redemptively result in congregational planting and in Eastern and central Europe, and in Aliya, a return to the land of Israel.  (Additional teaching materials can be found in my book, The Mystery of Israel and the Middle East regarding how God’s redemptive purposes may come forth out of times of pressure. For more content and revelation on the present war in the Ukraine, see my God Encounters Today podcasts.)

Take a Stand at Odessa

I just want to declare we must join our brothers and sisters and it’s we must take a stand it’s the stand at Odessa Ukraine. We must stand together, draw up prayer plans, blueprints to take a stand that Odessa does not fall into the hands of others. And we must take a stand! It is time for the body of Christ in Eastern Europe. It’s time for the body of Christ in central Europe! Time for the body of Christ in Western Europe! It’s time for the body of Christ in the global prayer networks to come together and to take a stand at Odessa Ukraine! Stand in prayer so that Odessa does not fall into the hands under Russian communism! No! Take a stand!

We must take a stand at Odessa Ukraine. I have a small voice when it comes in the global prayer movement, but I am going to raise my voice, “Take a stand. Take a stand with Rabbi Boris Grisenko! And take a stand and help rally the troops! Do what you can! And let’s take a stand because we must take a stand at Odesa Ukraine.”

We must pray that this invasion stops, and that not all of these seaport cities are taken over in the Black Sea. God has a plan. Don’t let the devil’s plans prevail. Paul, the apostle said we are not to be ignorant of the devil schemes. And part of the devil’s plan is to take over all the port cities of the Black Sea. And I say, “No, Stop. No Stop!” Take a Stand at Odessa Ukraine. It is the enemy’s plan to take over all the port cities of the Black Sea, Stop! It’s time to take a stand at the Black Sea.

Baltic and Black Seas: The Stand for Ukraine

When sharing, I kept saying “Baltic Sea”. I wondered why I was doing that. That must be that because there is a double plan. Yes, it’s a double plan for the powers of darkness it to take over all the port cities of the Black Sea and then to go for Baltic Sea. But we say, “No, it must stop at the Black Sea, because if it prevails at the Black Sea, then they will try to take it at the Baltic Sea.” There’s the plot of the enemy being revealed. That’s what it is, but we must stop the dark powers at the Black Sea, so it will not expand to the Baltic Sea, in the name of Jesus.

That’s what it is and what that we must declare. We must stop it at the Black Sea, so it is not exported to the Baltic Sea. So I say, “Let’s take a stand. Let’s take a stand. Take a stand at Odessa, Ukraine, in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ!” But hold on, there was much more yet to come as a sign in my interaction with Rabi Boris that day.

Raising Up the Next Generation

That night, in a dream, the Holy Spirit said, “Keep this as the last piece. There’ll be a young man named Petros, call him forth and do it at the very end. It will be a sign that everything I’ve (you) have said is true.”  So I waited and I said, “Oh, there’s a man here named Petros.” All the heads were turning. There appeared to be no Petros. And I said, “There’s a man here named Petros, a young man. Where is he?” Finally, on the back row, a young man named Petros waves his hand. I stated, “Petros, stand up.” Petros stands up. I said, “Petros, come forth!” Petros came to the front of the auditorium as this was being broadcast live on YouTube (and is available to watch even on our GEM Media).

And I said, “Just as I identified young Rabi Boris years ago, I, now, as a sign, I identify a Petros, and it’s upon the rock of salvation, Jesus, that His house is built. Even now, the Lord identifies a next generation apostolic man.” Well, it ends up Petros lives in Kiev, Ukraine. Not only that, but he is also Rabbi Boris’s assistant.

It was true, there was only one Petros there. “The Lord will give a sign that what I have said is true. That there will be a young man there named Petros.” Well, there was, and there was only one and he was on the back row, and he is from Ukraine and he’s from Kiev and he is Rabi Boris’ assistant. Because this is about multiplication. It is about raising up the next generation even in the midst of perilous times!

When You Have Done All- Stand!

I want you to know that the purposes of God come forth in times of crisis. Ephesians 6:18 states, “With all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the spirit with this in view. Be on the alert, with all perseverance and petition, for all the Saints.”

And when you have done all, persevere. And when you have done all, Never Give Up! Stand Up! Stand Tall! Take a Stand! Amen and Amen!