Introduction – First Prophetic Word

The very first prophetic word I ever heard was one that came out of my own mouth.  When I was filled with the Holy Spirit in the fall of 1972, a word rose up out of my innermost being. I heard myself declare, “And as it was in the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus, so will it be in the last week of the Last Days of Jesus’ ministry by the Spirit in the earth. He will come to visit His Father’s House and He will declare, “My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all the nations!”  That word has stuck with me to this day and has marked my life ever since. Jesus is performing this very word in our midst in these days.

Note: Read Luke 19:45-48 – This and other scriptures portray Jesus being consumed by the zeal of the Lord of Hosts and declaring the Father’s intention and purpose and correlates with the above prophetic word.

PRIMARY VERSE – Acts 16:16

It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave girl having a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing her masters much profit by fortune telling.

It was an accepted understanding in the early church, that in every city there was a place devoted to prayer. So Paul and his company went to this location to begin their ministry.

Historic Places of Prayer:

  1. Abraham – Genesis 13:2 – 4 – at an outdoor altar
  2. Jeremiah – 3:55, 56 – in a dungeon or the lowest pit
  3. Jonah – Jonah 2:1, 2 – from the belly of a great fish
  4. Daniel – Daniel 6:10 – from a window looking towards Jerusalem
  5. Suzanna Wesley – This mother of 17 children used her apron thrown over her head as her place of prayer
  6. Jesus – Matthew 11:28 – He told His disciples to “come apart”
  7. Isaiah – Isaiah 56:6, 7 –  Declared the “temple” would be called a House of Prayer

Step by Step Look at Acts 16:15 – 30

  1. Acts 16:15 – Lydia constrained us to come to her house and stay
  2. Acts 16:16 – went to the place of prayer and opposition arose
  3. Acts 16:17 – persistent opposition came forth
  4. Acts 16:19 – harassment and persecution increased
  5. Acts 16:25 – praying with endurance from a prison cell
  6. Acts 16:26 –  breakthrough and deliverance suddenly came
  7. Acts 16:30 – salvation resulted for the Jailer

When God Comes Knocking!

Man’s Response to God’s Call

  1. Jacob – Genesis 25:31 – 34; 32:24 – 28 – at birth was a deceiver and supplanter – but God changed his name and nature to Israel, and he became a father of a nation.
  2. Moses – Exodus 4:10 – 16 – declared, “I can’t talk” – but God met him in his weakness and gave him Aaron to be his mouthpiece.
  3. Isaiah – Isaiah 6:5 – 7 – declared that he was unclean – but God sent an angel with coals of fire and cleansed him.
  4. Jeremiah – Jeremiah 1:5 – 10 – declared. “I am too young” – God sent fire in his bones so he could not resist.
  5. Peter – Matthew 26:69 – 75 – denies the Lord – God fills him with the Holy Spirit and whereever his shadow fell people were healed.
  6. Thomas – John 20:24 – 28 – said, “I doubt” – but the Lord stood before him and gave him many proofs. Thomas was later sent to India to disciple a nation.
  7. Felix – Acts 24:22 – 25 – “Go thy way, when I have a convenient time, I will call you.”

God’s call is never convenient. It demands a response. Never say Never! God never takes no for an answer!

God Seeks Intercessors

Contrast in Responses:

Procrastination Response: Luke 14:15 – 24
I’m too tired, too busy, I’m too afraid. I’m too young, too old, too hurt! But, you do not understand!

Proper Response: Psalm 27:4, 7, 8
One thing I desire! One thing will I seek after. Your face Lord, I will seek! Yes, Your face I will seek!


This is Part One to this important teaching outline. Next week I will give you Part Two to this important message! Blessings to each of you in Christ Jesus as you seek to do your part in the “Hour that Changes the World.”


By Grace, Be Vigilant!

James W. Goll