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JAMES W. GOLL is the president of God Encounters Ministries and has traveled around the world sharing the love of Jesus, imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry and life in the Spirit. He has recorded numerous classes with corresponding study guides and is the author of more than forty books, including The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession, The Coming Israel Awakening and The Lifestyle of a Prophet. James is the father of four wonderful children with a growing number of grandchildren, and makes his home in Franklin, TN.
11 Jul, 2019

My Revelatory Dream of a Glorious Eschatology

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I received a vivid dream in which a roundtable of key national and international leaders in the body of Christ were discussing the end times or eschatology (the Biblical study of the final destiny of the soul of mankind and the order of last days events). These various leaders represented diverse views on these subjects. At one end of the table was an important man known for a particular set of understandings; at the other end of the table was another influential leader who held a distinct and divergent interpretation to the first man in the dream. The atmosphere [...]

8 Jul, 2019

How Mentoring Changed My Life

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When I was new in the things of the Holy Spirit, at the height of the Jesus People and the Charismatic Movements, I found myself hungering to be mentored by someone. I was an absolute “no one from nowhere” but the hunger in my heart had no limitations. So, I saved up the little money I had and bought a book by Derek Prince called Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting. This was followed by Andrew Murray’s classic book, With Christ in the School of Prayer, and then No Easy Road by Dick Eastman, which I read at least [...]

20 Jun, 2019

The BIG SHIFT: From Victory, Not Towards Victory

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You are not a loser. I am not a loser. None of us who belong to Jesus are losers. We do not labor toward victory, but from victory. In all reality, this one truth affects every aspect of the Christian life—especially our prayer lives! Yes, the One to whom we pray has already won the spiritual battle once and for all. Jesus is the Victor! As long as we are on this earth, we will have a vital role to play—to help enforce the victory of Calvary—but we do not have to worry about the final outcome, because it [...]

13 Jun, 2019

The Power of Coming into Agreement

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Jesus told us to persist—continuously and tirelessly—in asking, seeking, and knocking on the doors of heaven.The New Living Translation emphasizes the ongoing action of Jesus’ words:“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and you will the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Luke 11:9-10 NLT)Keep on doing it. Keep on keeping on. Keep on praying!I also want to urge you to keep [...]

11 Jun, 2019

First Nations Outreach

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This summer, our GEM Missions mission focus is on our friends Charles and Siouxsan Robinson, founders The Red Road. They have ministered to the First Nations Peoples throughout the U.S. and Canada for many years. This year they are visiting a number of reservations to minister to the poorest of the people. We want to help them bring the hope in Christ by blessing these precious people with the necessities of everyday life. We invite you to join with us in this opturnity to bless the First Nations Peoples. Mark Roye Director of GEM Missions James W. Goll Founder [...]