10 Dec, 2020

Get Ready for Your Personal God Encounter

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By the grace of God, my life has been filled with “God encounters”—God taking me to mountain tops, leading me through the valleys, and walking with me in the small moments, every step of every day. Really? Yes, and you can live a life filled with personal God encounters too. Just think about the experience of the disciples. Their lives had been transformed during three years of walking with Jesus. They were fresh from the rollercoaster of losing their Master, then getting him back. Now he was telling them it was better for them if he left, because then [...]

15 Jan, 2015

God’s Trustworthy Word

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Are there any absolutes? Any standards or parts of the moral code that do not change? Most of the world seems to think that we are becoming more enlightened as time goes on, and that this means we must leave old standards behind. In the Western world, “inclusiveness” reigns supreme. If you stand for absolutes, you are accused of being old-fashioned and not progressive enough. Even some Christians accuse other believers who hold to absolutes of having a “religious spirit” and of not understanding true love, mercy, and grace. Well, I guess, count me in! I, for one, am [...]

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