by Jon and Jolene Hamill


Bob Jones prophesied to Mike Bickle, when he was only 27 years old, that he needed to call a citywide fast in preparation for this move. And that on the first day of the fast, a comet previously undetected by scientists would flash across the sky as confirmation. On May 7, 1983, the first night of the 21 day fast, a comet previously undetected flashed across the sky. Many see that night as the beginning of what has now become the IHOP movement.

Over the next few days we’re going to further explore what this new move looks like. And we’ll look at a few confirmations of these prophetic perceptions, signs that cannot be manufactured or manipulated by the hand of man. Lets begin with a fireball that flashed across the skies of Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana only a week ago.

Fire in the Sky Once Again

On Thursday, April 15, Jolene and I were enjoying our second night at the IHOP Youth Awakening, which began on November 11, 2009. Over the past few days, we had spent much of our time in meetings, where we were honored to share insights the Lord had given us over many years on 11-11 and awakening.

The primary article we shared, called Covenantal Awakening, was originally posted on the Elijah List in November 2005. The article began by recounting how a fireball flashed across the sky on October 31, 2006 as a confirmation of a prophetic word on revival given at our church.

When we returned to our room Thursday evening, news reports began to filter in of a massive fireball, accompanied by sonic booms, seen that night in Missouri and four other midwestern states!

In both cases, the fireball in the sky was a meteor. It was as though God was using very personal language to confirm that the move we’ve all been praying for is truly now at hand. We are so grateful to the Lord for this!

With this we present to you the word “Covenantal Awakening.” Note that the word includes Jolene’s dream about the revival being “bigger than Finney.” We close the insights by exploring two primary covenantal legacies with Christ upon which our Nation has been founded.

Covenantal Awakening:

Fulfillment of Prophecies Point to New Season of Revival
By Jon & Jolene Hamill
November 11, 2005

In writing this prophetic perspective, I am keenly aware that we “see in part and prophesy in part.” So let the witness of the Spirit guide you as we examine together recent events that indicate a major shift into a season of national awakening and revival.

In mid-October, Kim Clement prophesied there would be an “unusual occurrence” on October 31, which would be followed by a four-year season of harvest and the greatest move of the Spirit our nation has ever seen.

Kim prophesied this word at a conference with Cornerstone Fellowship in Frederick, MD, where Jolene and I serve as prayer coordinators. After talking with our pastors, we decided to pray as a church through the evening of October 31, standing for the Lord’s promises to be fulfilled. Just after 9:00 p.m., while we were worshipping and praying, we experienced an “unusual occurrence.” A few of the intercessors saw a huge fireball passing through the skies of Frederick!

Television news reported that the fireball was actually a meteor, seen from Philadelphia to south of Washington, D.C. Local 911 emergency centers were overrun with calls, and in the metro D.C. region, many reported the fireball was so bright it lit up the insides of their homes. One NASA scientist told a DC television station that “this is a rare event,” and that he couldn’t remember seeing another meteor this big in the past 12 years.

Confirming the Word

In line with Kim Clement’s word, the fireball was definitely an unusual occurrence. I believe this was a sign from the Lord that the awakening we’ve all been praying for is now at hand. During the conference, Kim also reiterated a prophetic word he shared early in October that America would be mourning on October 31 and that within the dates of October 31 through November 1, our nation would be moving from death to life. He also prophesied that the breath of the Spirit would be restored in the northeast, with the eventual release of an anointing to even raise the dead in the greatest move of the Spirit our nation has ever seen.

Kim’s word on the wind of the Spirit is remarkably similar to a prophecy given by Chuck Pierce in Vermont, on October 9.

On that night, Chuck prophesied that the awakening of the nation had begun and that the “north winds of awakening” would be released from Vermont, across the northeast and the nation. Later in the article, I’ll share how these prophetic insights relate to America’s covenantal heritage as a nation of awakening. But first, lets look at two significant events related to Kim’s word that came to pass in Washington, D.C. on October 31.

More Confirmations on October 31

First, America truly mourned on October 31– though not due to a terrorist attack or a hurricane. Instead, America mourned the loss of the great civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. A devoted Christian, Parks’ act of gentle defiance brought new meaning to our pledge of “liberty and justice for all.” As one political leader noted, Rosa Parks wasn’t just the mother of the civil rights movement, but she was “the mother of the America we grew to be.”

Her passing was bittersweet. From October 30 through October 31, Parks became the first woman and the second African American to lie in honor in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. Also on October 31, President Bush nominated Samuel Alito to serve as the next justice on the Supreme Court. Many speculate that Judge Alito, who currently presides over the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, could be key in overthrowing legalized abortion in our land.

Is it possible that, on October 31, Bush nominated a man called by God to shift America from a legacy of death to the empowerment of life? His very name caught our attention, as we had been praying for a nominee with the qualities of the biblical Samuel, who served in Israel as both prophet and judge. Down in Texas, Cindy Jacobs ended 40 days of prayer and fasting for the release of a new season of miracles in our land. Coincidentally, the last night of Cindy’s fast was October 31 — the day Rosa Parks was honored, Judge Alito was nominated, and a meteor blazed across the D.C. skies.

New Season of Awakening and Justice

Clearly, we have entered into a season where a “Third Great Awakening,” promised by the Lord, is now being released. Jolene woke up from a dream this morning repeating the words “Bigger than Finney, bigger than Finney.” Charles Finney was the primary catalyst of America’s Second Great Awakening. Perhaps the Lord is saying that what’s now at hand is even bigger than the Second Great Awakening, which Finney himself described as the greatest outpouring since the Book of Acts.

Interestingly, Charles Finney was a passionate abolitionist. The Republican Party was birthed in the embers of the awakening as an anti-slavery party, with Abraham Lincoln as its presidential candidate. But in truth, he could have been a Democrat. I believe that the Democratic Party was originally offered a mantle from the Lord to abolish slavery. When the mantle was refused, a new party was raised up out of the Democratic Party to shift America into this facet of God’s justice.

Today, you won’t find a Democrat with a pro-slavery platform. Instead, the Democratic Party has been a champion of civil rights for all. And fifty years from now, as the blemish of abortion is cleansed from America’s soul, I prophesy that neither Democrat nor Republican will want to reinstate this practice because eradicating abortion is not a party issue — it’s a justice issue. At the outset of this Third Great Awakening, the Lord wants the governmental leaders of America to fully understand. He wants justice at our gates. We do not understand the consequences of ignoring this trumpet call. When the awakeners of Finney’s era called for repentance, leading to a peaceful end to slavery, their plea was ignored. That’s when the Civil War began.

Now, America is again divided over the issue of civil rights. This time it’s the civil rights of the unborn. Will we pick up the mantle of justice, or will we retreat into division and see the reaping of the death we have been sowing as a nation? Truly, it is time for us to come out of our chambers and weep between the porch and the altar.

The Pilgrims Covenanted with God

When our forefathers stood against injustice, a nation of awakening was birthed. The Pilgrims set out for the new world to establish a land of religious freedom. On November 11, 1620, they signed the Mayflower Compact, entering into covenant with Jesus Christ by dedicating our land and government to “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Faith.”

During both the first and second Great Awakenings, we saw two dimensions of this covenant with the Lord in manifestation. We saw God’s glory — the tangible manifestation of His presence and power — across the land, resulting in societal transformation. And we saw evangelism — the advancement of the Christian faith — as unprecedented numbers of people turned to Jesus Christ.

The Huguenots Covenanted with God

Before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, another weary group came to America seeking religious freedom. Led by Jean Ribault, the Huguenots established a settlement in Ft. Caroline, Florida, again with the hope of reaching nations with the gospel. The Huguenots at Ft. Caroline were martyred at the hands of Spanish conquistadors. Jean Ribault died chanting Psalm 132, literally begging God to make this nation a dwelling place for His presence. But instead of praying, “Lord remember the afflictions of your servant David,” he prayed, “Lord remember the afflictions of your servant Jean. How he swore. . . not to give rest to his eyes, nor slumber to his eyelids, until he found a dwelling place for the mighty God of Jacob.”

God remembers the cry of His friends. Part of this Third Great Awakening is that covenantal blessings aborted in previous seasons will find life and expression at this time. it is interesting to note that, centuries later, another forerunner was gripped by Psalm 132 and the dream in God’s heart for our land to be a dwelling place for His presence. At the outset of his ministry, Mike Bickle came into covenant with the Lord, according to Psalm 132 — a covenant that eventually brought forth the 24/7 International House of Prayer.

Prophecy Fulfilled: A Comet Across the Sky

This is where we come full circle. The IHOP movement began in 1983, when Bickle called a 21-day solemn assembly after receiving supernatural confirmation from prophet Bob Jones. Bob shared with Mike that the Lord was releasing a great move of the Spirit across North America and that a comet would flash across the sky on the day he started his fast. This comet, undetected by scientists, would be a sign from the Lord that revival was coming. Mike arbitrarily picked May 7 to start the citywide solemn assembly, and on that night, a comet previously undetected by scientists flashed across the sky!

The saga has not ended. It is like a cycle. What goes around- comes around. It is time NOW! There are signs that the Third Great Awakening is breaking on the horizon.

Jon & Jolene Hamill
Lamplighter Ministries

Blessings to Each of You!

James W. Goll