A lot of people have conspiracy theories, but did you know that there is a real dimension of co-inspiring, or conspiring with God? It is an invitation into God’s strategic plan. Conspiring is a form of partnering with God. This realm is best expressed in prophecy and prayer—and combined together in prophetic intercession.

What exactly does this mean? The word conspire means “to breathe together.” According to Genesis 2:7, “When God created man from the dust of the earth, He breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life, a man became a living being.” 

This Hebrew word that we translate “breathed” can mean ‘breathing violently,’ such as when the violent rushing wind filled the upper room on the day of Pentecost. New Covenant believers conspire with God so His glory will be seen, felt, and known in the earth. These prophetic intercessory warriors are conspiring and breathing together, allowing God to breathe violently into situations, through prophecy and prayer, in order to bring forth life.

Conspiring: An Invitation to Strategic Planning

Train Ride: Conspiring with GodSome years ago, I was in Germany in the middle of the night. I took a train ride from Heidelberg to Rosenheim, which is in the southern part of Germany known as Bavaria. It was a six-hour train ride through the night. I attempted to rest on this bumpety train. I kept hearing the gentle, consistent, persistent voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me. It was as if we were breathing these words together over and over. This same phrase, rumbled over and over within me, and my mind, and my heart, as the train rued its way across Germany.

Where are my Daniels? Where are my Esthers? Where are my Deborahs? And where are my Josephs?” I heard it over and over and again. “Where are my Daniels? Where are my Esthers? Where are my Deborahs? Where are my Josephs?” I knew He was talking to me as an individual believer, and as a prayer warrior, but I also felt He was imparting a burden to me to raise up a band of people who would volunteer themselves for the task of being watchers on the wall of prayer. It was as if the Holy Spirit and I were co-inspiring, breathing together—for the purpose of strategically bringing life into something that was in the heart of God. “Where are my Daniels? Esthers? Deborahs? and Josephs?”

Are you one of them? Have you been positioned for such a time as this, as stated in Esther 4:14? Have you been brought forth for this hour? Will you be one of the answers to this persistent plea?

God’s Velvet Warriors

Many years ago, I saw a vision of the “Velvet Warriors” moving forward in the time a great need. It was the army of the Lord, but they were coming so much slower than I would’ve anticipated. When I saw them come to the top of the hill, I could see why they were coming forth slower than anticipated: they were marching on their knees.

Then the Spirit described these humble kneeling believers to me as His, “Velvet Warriors.” This indicated that they were a part of an arising generation that knew that their strength was on bended knee. That army is still assembling, and many vacancies still exist.

You can still sign up! It’s not too late to answer the call. You can join the ranks and volunteer to be commissioned as one of God’s Servant Velvet Warriors.

I think I can hear the drumbeats in the background. I think I can hear yet another trumpet sound calling forth these warriors to mount the walls of intercession. Who will answer these calls? Who will blend their very own heartbeat with His heart?

There is a cry yet to be heard that combines the various forms of Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered worship and prayer.

These prayers can take on many forms as the wind blows, wherever it wishes, and are yet which are completely Biblical and are completely under the oversight of the Holy Spirit. “For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God. Indeed, no one understands him; he utters mysteries with his spirit.” 1 Corinthians 14:2 NIV.

Let’s conspire with God—combine praying in the Spirit through the gift of tongues and praying in the Spirit through intense fervent travail in order to give birth to new seasons and fresh awakenings.

Conspiring with God Through Prophecy – Strategic Plans Revealed

Recently, I was in Pasadena, CA at the Annual Harvest International Ministries Leadership Conference led by Che Ahn, the founding leader and apostle. One of the evenings was set aside as a time of commissioning leaders, specific apostles, and/or prophets from around the world who are hand-picked and carry high-level track-records in the Kingdom. I serve as part of the International Apostolic Team that joins in blessing and releasing a commissioning prayer to consecrate these leaders.

After Che Ahn gave the charge over these 8-10 leaders, they were set apart, and then they were anointed with oil and the entire Apostolic team laid hands on them. This was followed by a time for specific prophetic words to be given over these who were being set apart.

I did not know one particular couple being prayed for—I had never met them before. But I started to get in the “Holy Spirit zone.” As I started praying over them, I felt like they were from Alaska. So I stopped and asked if they were from Alaska—they were. I wasn’t aware that HIM had a church in Alaska at that time. They were from the Anchorage area. Then I ‘rolled the dice’ in a sense. I started seeing things in the Holy Spirit. I saw an island chain. Then I started seeing maps. I wasn’t sure, in the natural, about a lot of this. But I started “conspiring with the Holy Spirit.” I started seeing strategic plans.

Aleutian Islands: Conspiring through ProphecyI started seeing what I thought was the Aleutian Islands. But in my natural mind, I wasn’t even sure where the Aleutian Islands were, all I knew was I saw a string of islands. Then I saw what I thought was the Bering Straits. I started getting information that was about divine intervention, and about sound waves, and picking up the word ‘interceptor.’ I sensed these people were tied to intercepts regarding picking up the sounds of Russian air waves. Sounds that were for defense mechanisms, and picking up spiritual warfare issues. I saw flight patterns and interceptors. The word ‘interceptor’ continued ringing in me repeatedly.

I just kept on this path, kind of like a record that just twirls and twirls and twirls. I just kept going. “You’re like Holy Spirit spies that intercept enemy messages and decode them, but then it’s tied to a house of prayer—to the enemy’s attacks before they even get launched.” And then I saw – “It’s out on the far end of the Aleutian Islands, to create a safe space through the Bering Straits…” And on and on I went… I said, “But it’s tied to you. And it’s tied to a house of prayer.” I didn’t know what I was talking about. I even said, “It’s military, but it’s governmental.” And I said, “But it’s about more than that because it’s tied to the house of prayer.”

Later that night, around 11:00 pm, I was coming back to the hotel. I had gone for a walk to talk to God and clear my head. When I came into the hotel, a man stopped me. He said, “Hey could I talked to you for a moment?” He said, “I have a text from a top Air Force personnel. They were watching the service tonight by live web stream. And I want to… could I read this to you?” And I said, “Well, of course.” He said, “It authenticates everything by detail.” He read the text to me, written by one of the top Air Force personnel. The text gave the name of the exact defense department of the U.S. Air Force. This man was at the top of the department. He read about the Aleutian Islands, and then about intercepting information from Russian spy networks through the Bering Straits… and how they fly this pattern every day.

The thing that’s amazing is that this top “interceptor” was a member of this man’s church. What I shared was validated within a short period of time, because it was shown on livestream. This man oversaw the exact details of what I was prophesying—through conspiring with God. The word was validated and was he able to share this testimony the next day as a part of my live session. God confirms His Word!

The Scepter Is Lowered – It’s Your Turn!

I still hear those words echoing in my chambers of my being to this day. “Where are my Daniels? Where are my Esthers? Where are my Deborahs? And where are my Josephs?”

Are you one of them? Have you been brought forth for such a time as this? Are you to be salt and light in this critical hour of world history? Will you be one of the answers to this persistent plea? The scepter is being lowered once again. It’s your turn to begin conspiring with God. Simply answer by saying, “Here I am Lord, use me!”

God is inviting you to be one of His conspirators (co-inspirators) through prayer and prophecy today!

For Such a Time as This,

James W. Goll

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