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“Freely We Have Received – Now Freely We GIVE”

Volunteer packing donated books

“And Jesus said to them, ‘Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure new things and old.’” – Matthew 13:52

I have a Treasure Chest full of GEMS that that Holy Spirit has given to me through the years. I want to bless and give freely what the Lord has given me. I am asking for your help to give away some of my best teaching and equipping books and materials that I have accumulated. My heart for this ministry is to resource the body of Christ. Freely we have received, now freely we GIVE!

Two years ago, you helped us with our “Treasures from GEM” mission project and we gave away HUNDREDS of books and discipleship materials to prison ministries, funeral homes for grieving families, parental care ministries, homeless ministries, outreach ministries and more. We want to do it again!

Volunteer packing donated books

Will you partner with us to share the rich treasures we have with the body of Christ for equipping and training disciples? In this time of great uncertainty, we want to help anchor believers in the Word of God and equip them to stand strong. We want to share the message of the hope of the gospel. We want to raise up prayer warriors.

Would you join us in our mission to put these Treasures from GEM into the hands of those who need them? If so, you can donate here at and select the “Treasures from GEM” tab when making your donation. Thank you & Blessings to each one of you!

James W. Goll

God Encounters Ministries


Be encouraged by this testimony from one of the inmates in a California prison who was blessed by the resources you helped us give last time!

“Thank you for sending me the book titled, Women on the Frontlines: A Call to Compassion. I’m enjoying it and it inspires me to continue to give my all for Jesus and His Kingdom come!”

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The Revival of Kindness – Where Every Sacrifice Counts

James W. GollWhen you hear the voice of the Lord, you always tend to think the message is for right then, and it is. Then time slips by and you recall to your mind (see Lamentations ) the words of yesterday and realize that they carry even greater weight today. So is the case with this short word I am going to deliver to you. It is so true, that I will never forget the morning when the dove of God came gently to me and opened my ear (see Isaiah 50:4) and I heard His voice say, “I will have a Revival of Kindness.” I even remember pondering response of my heart, “Now that would be a novel idea. The body of Christ would be kind!” How refreshing!

My own beginnings in ministry is one few really know about. I did an internship in social work and lived in a small non-airconditioned room in an inner-city mission. I served at the Wesley Community Center and served people whose skin color was not like mine. I was the minority. I worked among the fatherless, the gangs, and I learned how to love others as God loved me. I sweated. I prayed. I started journaling. I played with kids. I wept…I did acts of kindness.

Whether it has been building homes in the mountains of Guatemala, doing prayer journeys around the globe, outreaches among the First Nations people, or bathing the elderly in nursing homes, I know a little bit about serving the least of these. I have seen how acts of kindness leave behind a sweet fragrance of Jesus long after you have left. Yes, every sacrifice counts. And I still believe there will be a “Revival of Kindness”. I really do. How about you?

With this history in mind, GEM Missions is not really some new thing – it is a continuation of a revelation where Mary and Martha are sisters of the same house. In fact, our newest expression, Treasures from GEM, is another opportunity to let others know that God cares and that you care too. And the old truths are still today’s truths where everyone can “Pray, Go, and Give”. 

Remember, in Jesus, We Make A Great Team!

James W. Goll

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GEM Missions – Ministry Opportunities

Here are a few of the ministries and projects that GEM Missions works with to bring aid, relief, and the Gospel of Christ to those in need throughout the world.


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