• Based on extensive biblical study and years of personal insights, James and Michal Ann Goll teach you to understand the language of dreams. You will learn to: receive and understand your dreams, interpret and apply your dream revelations, recognize the difference between the Holy Spirit, natural, and demonic dreams and much more.
  • Authors James Goll and Lou Engle seek to inspire an entire generation to exchange temporal pleasures for a radical and passionate leap into the spiritual joy of Jesus Christ. You will be propelled into joining the cries of other lovers of the Savior, "Is there not a cause in the land?" His answer is, "Yes!"
  • Buy The Lost Art of Intercession book & receive 10 Bonus Video Devotionals by James W. Goll! When God's people send "up" the incense of prayer and worship, God will send "down" supernatural power, anointing, and acts of intervention. James W. Goll paints a picture of prophetic clarity and urgency in this anointed work that sounds God's clarion call to His Church: This is the season for us to mount the walls with prayer and praise—and restore the lost art of intercession.
  • The Lifestyle of a Prophet takes you through a 21-day journey into the heart of the prophetic calling.  This guide will help you develop the intimacy with God essential to hearing His voice clearly.  Daily reflection questions, devotional prayers and practical applications will help you proclaim His words faithfully - and to step boldly into your calling.
  • Taken from the Dream Language class taught by James and Michal Ann Goll, these four messages will help you build a foundation for dreams and dream interpretation.
  • These teachings will stir your faith and inspire you to live a life of supernatural fruit and gifting. You can make a difference when you rely upon Jesus and put your trust in the finished work of the cross. This four message set brings you some of the best teachings from James W. Goll used to compose the book Living a Supernatural Life.
  • Discover an exciting adventure awaiting you in the prophetic realm. God desires to shares his heart with you and with others. In Adventures in the Prophetic, a team of well-known prophets share their insights and experiences.

  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the A Radical Faith class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer, this accessible, comprehensive class lays out the enduring biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of belief for every mature Christian. This class will help you build an indestructible foundation of radical faith in the face of the wind and waves that are facing the world today.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Walking in the Supernatural Life class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. In this foundational course, James Goll demystifies how to live the authentic supernatural lifestyle that Jesus lived and taught. These 12 lessons by James W. Goll will help you discover the joy and freedom of life by the Spirit.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Getting to Know God and His Word class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to know God better? This Getting to Know God and His Word class helps you understand who God is; his ways, his character, and how he has revealed himself. God has revealed the unchanging nature of His character to us in His Word. These 12 lessons by James W. Goll will help you discover the joy of knowing your heavenly Father and being transformed into His image.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Hearing God's Voice Today class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. What are the ways that God speaks today? How do I know that what I am hearing is from God? As a believer in Jesus, one of the most important foundations you can build is how to hear God's voice and apply it to your life today. Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with God for years, these messages will give you practical tools to grow in recognizing the many ways God speaks. These 12 lessons by James W. Goll will activate your faith and stir you to hear God in new ways and obey what He is saying!
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Finding Hope class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Hope changes everything! This class will infuse you with the happy anticipation of good for your own life, and then empower you to release hope, life and love to others. These 10 lessons by James W. Goll will fill you with hope and activate you to share the healing you have received to change the world around you!
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Prayer Storm class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. This class lands you directly inside the exciting worldwide call to consistent, persistent prayer for: revival in the church, the greatest youth awakening ever, Israel - and for all the descendents of Abraham, and God's intervention in times of major crises. These 15 lessons by James W. Goll will help you become part of a worldwide prayer network that is changing history for Jesus' sake!
  • Format: Streaming (Audio Only) Receive access to stream the Consecrated Contemplative Prayer class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to grow in intimacy with God? James W. Goll brings understanding from the truths of Christian mystics of the past and builds on it with lessons from his own walk with the Lord. As you listen through this class and spend time in your prayer closet, you will find yourself more in love with God than ever before!
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Prayers that Strike the Mark class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. The words of the intercessor are a powerful force for healing the wounds of the past, closing doors to the enemy and shaping the course of history. In this thorough and precise class, James W. Goll exposes you to many different strategies and models of prayer, and how to maximize their effectiveness. As you work through these lessons and apply these truths in your prayer closet, you will find yourself striking the mark of God’s heart in intercession.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Dream Language class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. In this class James W. and Michal Ann Goll equip you for a greater understanding of the language of dreams, grounding you in the Word of God concerning dreams and how to interpret them. These 13 lessons will help you begin to understand the dream language through which God desires to talk with you.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Angelic Encounters Today class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Angels were at work throughout the Old and New Testaments and they are still at work today! This class uses Scripture, church history, testimonies, and personal experience to describe the different categories and characteristics of angels, explain angels' ministry as God's agents to the world, demonstrate how intercession and angelic ministry are related, and show you how to perceive and engage angels in your own life. These 15 lessons will help you better understand the function and ministry of angels.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Deliverance from Darkness class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you need tools to battle the enemy's plans and schemes? In these sessions, topics include: Jesus Overcoming Demons, Battle Plans for Overcomers, Realms of Kingdom Authority, Deliverance Made Easy, and much more. These 15 lessons will cause you to grow in confidence to overcome the enemy and walk in the full freedom Christ has purchased.
  • Format: Streaming (Audio only) Receive access to stream The Healing Anointing class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to walk in the healing ministry of Jesus? In these sessions, James W. Goll covers topics like: The Healing Ministry of Jesus, How to Move in and Cooperate with the Anointing, Healing the Wounded Spirit, Overcoming Rejection, the Five Stage Healing Model, and much more. These 13 lessons will help you grow in confidence to step out in the healing power of Jesus.
  • Format: Streaming (Audio only) Receive access to stream the Revival Breakthrough class audio lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Are there significant, consistant keys to revival? Are there ways to sustain a true move of God? James Goll brings solid teachings on topics like: Prophetic Prayers for Revival, Classic Characteristics of Revival, Historical Calls for United Fasting, Creating an Opening, Gatekeepers of His Presence, and much more. These 13 lessons will inspire you to believe for a revival breakthrough in your life, neighborhood, region, city, and nation for Jesus' sake.
  • Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to walk in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit? In these twelve sessions, James draws from Scripture and adds perspective from many diverse streams to bring you clear definitions and exhort you into activation and release. As you work through these lessons, you will have the tools needed to begin walking in the fullness of your spiritual gifts.
  • Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring! "Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain." (Zechariah 10:1) God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the earth. How should you respond? Join authors Bill Johnson, James Goll, Michael Brown and others in asking for more!

  • In a generation of selfies, slander, and little white lies, what does a life of integrity look like? For the answer, internationally-known worship leader Sean Feucht asked his "mothers and fathers in the faith" to explain what integrity means in their lives. This book provides insight and vulnerability from these leaders on how to walk with integrity through your communication, your ministry, your marriage, your family relationships, your leadership, your personal finances, and your times of trial.

  • Jesus lived and breathed compassion. He was and is compassion itself. A Call to Compassion is your personal invitation to discover the joy of committing your life to a cause higher than your own personal desires and learn to be a reflection of God's steadfast love.

  • As you peer into God's heart for His beloved, you will discover your place in prayer and cooperative action during this momentous time in history.

  • Deep inside each of us is a longing to escape the frantic pace of life. A Call to the Secret Place is your personal invitation to take that step toward the peace found in God's presence.

  • James Goll shares his insights about prayer and its power to see you through each and every day's troubles and triumphs. Enjoy God's presence every day - 15 minutes will bring a lifetime of eternal blessings!

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