Powerful Intercession Bundle – Praying with God’s Heart, Strike the Mark & Prayer Storm books – by James W. Goll


Save up to 44% when you purchase this Powerful Intercession bundle of the books Praying with God’s Heart, Strike the Mark and Prayer Storm by James W. Goll!


Save up to 44% when you purchase this Powerful Intercession bundle of the books Praying with God’s Heart,  Strike the Mark and Prayer Storm by James W. Goll!


  • Format: Softcover Book

What if there was a key that made every prayer more effective—something that would bring all prayers into agreement with the heart of God every single time?

This type of praying does exist and it’s called prophetic intercession. It is the humble act of holding the needs of people before God while leaning into God’s heart for them. There is nothing mystical or elite about this kind of praying, and it’s for the new Christian and the most seasoned prayer warrior. All you need is to learn to lean into your heavenly Father and pray what you see and hear in alignment with his heart, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

God wants you to align your heart with his. He wants you to pray more effectively in these turbulent times, and he wants you to help usher in the fullness of his purposes on the earth. Are you ready?


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Prayers that strike the mark are specific prayers authorized by the Holy Spirit and endowed with divine power to accomplish the will of God in your life and for the needs of the world. On the cross, Jesus fulfilled the ultimate answer to all of our prayers, but He awaits our invitation to come into our situations and circumstances. When people of prayer intercede, they create a meeting place between the Heavenly Father and His children. God comes upon the person who is praying and moves them from the natural to the supernatural. Empowered by God, the intercessor has the authority to cut down enemy forces and pick out “targets” for God’s lightning bolts of glory, bringing victory and breakthrough.

Intercession could be called “extreme prayer,” because it links extreme needs with the extraordinary power of God. Inserting ourselves into the gap between God and a need, we call upon the Holy Spirit, our Helper, who is ready to move us from finite ability to infinite ability, take hold of difficult situations, and help accomplish the will of God. We have the great honor of being called to “paint targets” on cities, churches, ministries, family members, contemporary “Sauls” (those who persecute or cause difficulty), and even ourselves. Our believing, persistent prayers will strike the mark!

“He covers His hands with the lightning, and commands it to strike the mark” (Job 36:32 NASB).


“Fire shall be burning continually on the altar; it is not to go out.”  Leviticus 6:13. The Prayer Storm book places you on the spiritual battlefield, shoulder-to-shoulder with God. Without a concerted storm of prayer – around the clock and around the globe – there will be no revival.

Prompted by a “commissioning dream” from God, author James Goll updated the centuries-old prayer model of the Moravians and lays out a plan for today’s believers to restore and release the Moravian model of the watch of the Lord into homes and prayer rooms around the world.

James walks readers through prayer for:

  • Revival in the Church
  • Another Great Awakening – Youth
  • Praying Your Family Into the Kingdom
  • Praying for People in Authority
  • Praying Effectively for Israel

In the Appendix, James includes a One-Hour Prayer Guide, a Purim Prayer Focus for Israel (The Esther Fast), and resources for intercessors.


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