• Choose Format: 4 MP3 Downloads; 4 CD Set A Global Call To Fervent Prayer Prayer Storm is one of the most strategic ministries and messages James Goll has released in his lifetime. These 4 messages give an overview of the main themes and vision of Prayer Storm: Revival in the Church, the World's Greatest Youth Awakening and Effective Prayer for Israel. These areas are targeted with intercession in over 75 nations of the earth each week.
  • Prompted by a "commissioning dream" from God, author James Goll updated the centuries-old prayer model of the Moravians and invites you to join a movement of believers around the world praying for revival in the church, Israel, youth awakening and crisis intervention.
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    • Prayer Storm Class by James W. Goll
      • Contains 15 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
      • Choose Format: 8 DVD's, 15 CD's, Streaming or Download
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    • Prayer Storm book by James W. Goll
    • Prayer Storm Study Guide by James W. Goll
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    Choose Format: 8 DVD’s, 15 CD’s, Streaming or Download
    • Contains 15 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
    • Optional Streaming may be added for just $10
    This class lands you directly inside the exciting worldwide call to consistent, persistent prayer. You will be immersed in stirring up your own personal prayer storm that involves four expressions of prayer for: revival in the church, the greatest youth awakening ever, Israel - and for all the descendants of Abraham, and God's intervention in times of major crises.
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