• Format: Streaming Receive access to stream the Getting to Know God and His Word class audio and video lessons for as long as you maintain your subscription. Do you want to know God better? This Getting to Know God and His Word class helps you understand who God is; his ways, his character, and how he has revealed himself. God has revealed the unchanging nature of His character to us in His Word. These 12 lessons by James W. Goll will help you discover the joy of knowing your heavenly Father and being transformed into His image.
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    • Getting to Know God and His Word Class by James W. Goll
      • Contains 12 (50 Minute) Audio or Video Sessions
      • Choose Format: 6 DVD's, 12 CD's, Streaming or Download
      • Optional Streaming may be added for just $10
    • Passionate Pursuit book by James W. Goll
    • Getting to Know God and His Word Study Guide by James W. Goll
      • Choose Format: Softcover Study Guide, PDF Download
  • Choose Format: Softcover Study Guide, PDF Download Do you want to know God better? This study guide helps you understand who God is: His ways, His character, and how He has revealed himself. Your perspective of yourself will change as you view God correctly. You can imitate who He is once you know His true characteristics! The overcoming supernatural life is yours by discovering who God is and the authority the scriptures have in your life.
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