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    Is it possible to show a hungry world the kind of love the Bible promises? Here are candid stories from twelve respected leaders in the renewal today, promising us that the agape love of God is strongly at work--if we are willing to be vulnerable for his honor.

  • James Goll takes readers on an adventure into the heart of what it means to hear God, and how to do it. Over the course of this journey, both beginners and those who have been listening to God for years will explore biblical principles about prayer, starting from square one. God is speaking to you today. Grow in assurance that He wants you to hear.
  • Just as all strong towers are built on firm foundations, so it is with our faith. Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer, this accessible, comprehensive guide lays out the enduring biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of faith for every mature Christian.
  • Su corazón ha sido creado para la presencia de Dios y no está completo sin ella. Los negadores tratarán de convencerlo de que la presencia de Dios es subjetiva y difícil de hallar, pero sus voces callan ante el deseo interior de una unión con su Señor y Creador. La sabiduría que contiene este libro le otorgará, minuto a minuto, confianza y esperanza mientras realiza su viaje hacia el gozo y el placer de la presencia de Dios. Your heart has been created for the Presence of God and it is not complete without His Presence living within. Naysayers try to convince you that God's Presence is elusive and subjective but their voice is silenced by the desire yearning from within for a union with your Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ. The wisdom contained in this book will give you moment-by-moment confidence and hope as you journey toward the joy and pleasure of knowing God's Presence.
  • Movido por un "sueño de comisión" de Dios, el autor James Goll actualiza el modelo de oración de siglos pasados y despliega un plan para los creyentes de hoy, una comunidad de intercesores que usan los medios de comunicación tan avanzados de hoy, para orar por la transformación mundial.

    Prompted by a "commissioning dream" from God, author James Goll updated the centuries-old prayer model of the Moravians and lays out a plan for today's believers to restore and release the Moravian model of the watch of the Lord into homes and prayer rooms around the world.

  • Únase a James Goll en un viaje emocionante y revelador hacia esta dimensión menos conocida: el visionario mundo del vidente. Descubrirá el poder profético de los sueños, visiones y cielos abiertos. Join James Goll on an exciting and insightful journey into this lesser-known dimension - the visionary world of the seer. You will discover the prophetic power of dreams, visions, and life under the open heavens.
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    With insight and anointing, each author presents a clear picture of reforms that need to be made and the kind of actions required by believers to be in step with God's plan. Poignant topics include racism, love, prayer, defending the sanctity of marriage, and other fundamental issues facing the Church today.

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