God Encounters Podcast – Season 1

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Season 1

Prophetic Building Blocks - The Anatomy of a Prophetic Word (Ep 52)

Rejection Syndrome (Ep 51)

The Prophetic and the 7 Cultural Spheres of Society (Ep 50)

The Prophetic and the 7 Spirits of God (Ep. 49)

Prophetic Women (Ep. 48)

A Prophetic Look at the New Hebrew Year (Ep. 47)

Prophetic Revivals (Ep 46)

If God Can Use Me, Why Not You (EP. 45)

Where Eagles Dare to Fly - Isaiah 4031 (Ep. 44)

Living in a Glass House (Ep. 43)

Staying Out of Satan’s Traps (Ep 42)

Seductive and Manipulative (Ep 41)

Testing the Spirits (Ep 40)

Sensual vs. Pure (Ep. 39)

Watching Over Your Heart (Ep. 38)

Enhancing Your Spiritual Senses (Ep 37)

Natural and Supernatural Revelation (Ep 36)

Positioned for Victory (Ep. 35)

Exposing Demonic Gateways (Ep. 34)

Breaking Free from Deception (Ep. 33)

Breakthrough in Discernment (Ep. 32)

Breakthrough for Your Calling (Ep. 31)

Breakthrough in Your Finances (Ep. 30)

Breakthrough for Your Family (Ep. 29)

Calling Forth God’s Glory (Ep. 28)

Knowing God’s Secrets (Ep. 27)

Who Can See God (Ep. 26)

The Resurrected Seer (Ep. 25)

Seeing as Jesus Sees

Seeing in the Spirit

Stadium Christianity with Charlie Shamp (Ep. 22)

Promises of the Seer Prophets (Ep. 21)

5 Seers (Ep. 20)

The Moment of the Miracle with Johnathan Stidham Pt. 2

PTSD Miracle with Johnathan Stidham Pt. 1 (Ep. 18)

Treasures Revealed (Ep. 17)

Fresh Revelation (Ep. 16)

Near Death Encounter with Mickey Robinson (Ep. 15)

Dream Interpretation (Ep. 14)

Your Dream Inheritance (Ep. 13)

Secret Place Encounter with Stacey Campbell (Ep 12)

Something New (Ep. 11)

For the New Year (Ep. 10)

Angel Encounter (Ep. 9)

Throne Room Encounter with Julie Meyer (Ep. 8)

Spiritual Warfare Encounter (Ep. 7)

Hide n Seek Encounter (Ep. 6)

Fiery Healing Encounter (Ep. 5)

Presence Encounter (Ep. 4)

Jesus Encounter (Ep. 3)

Prayer Encounter (Ep. 2)

Word Encounter (Ep. 1)

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