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Videos from Friends of James Goll

Ekkelsia Everywhere

Generosity - By Peter Wagner

10th Dreamer s Park in Honor of Michal Ann Goll

The 10th Dreamer s Park

Dedication Prayer for the 10th Dreamer s Park

The Atomic Power of Prayer

James Interviews Matt Sorger

James Interviews Stacey Campbell

James Interviews Steven Springer

James Interviews Jon Hamill

Commissioned for the Frontlines

Men on the Frontlines - Be All You Can Be

Compassion Acts Transitions

United Weekend 2016 | Mark Roye

ACPE Word of the Lord 2016

Generosity - by Peter Wagner

It s Evening in Sodom

Mike Bickle

Davids Tent Washington D.C.

A Dreamer s Park in Poipet Cambodia

James Goll: The Third Great Awakening - 4.25.11


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