70k for 70 Years

Dear friends of James Goll,

As you may have heard, James celebrates his seventieth birthday on July 3rd. To honor his legacy in prayer, the prophetic, and the presence of God, we invite you to partner with us, the God Encounters Board, to raise $70,000 in total—$1,000 for each year of his life.

Each of us has been blessed to know James, not only as a ministry partner, but also as a friend.

Bill Greenman PhotoBill Greenman:  I’ve had the rare privilege of having known, worked with, and ministered with James since 1989 on many amazing occasions, stages, and nations. I’ve watched this man go through some of the most glorious and most devastating events a life can have. It’s been an honor to be a member of his board for over 25 years and experience the growth of his international ministry, watch his children grow up, and his grandchildren give him such joy. James is my great friend, and I will always be thankful to God for that fact. This seventieth year celebration is a testimony to his love, his endurance, his dedication to his family and friends, and most of all his friendship and love for his Lord Jesus.

Mark RoyeMark Roye: James Goll is a man who values relationships more than anything. Relationships have been the building blocks of not only a ministry, but also family. For the last 23 years, James has been family to my wife, Susie, and me. James is also a “bridge,” helping thousands of people cross over into their personal destinies in God. He has been a bridge between generations—finding, helping highlight, and giving opportunity to up-and-coming leaders. James has impacted hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and that impact and legacy is what we are honoring at his celebration of 70 years of life.

Steven and Rene SpringerSteven Springer: In July 2003 James called my wife, Rene, and I out of a conference crowd and prophesied a very timely word for us and our family, as he has done with so many over the years. Since that time, James has been a “papa” to Rene and me, and our ministry. I have had the privilege of traveling with James as a personal assistant and then ministering alongside him as he mentored me in becoming a voice for the Lord in our generation. James is an overcomer! This seventieth birthday celebration is a celebration of who James is, his journey in getting where he is, and all he has accomplished in the Lord all over the earth.

Jason Ford: James Goll means so much to me. I’ve been honored and blessed to walk with him and serve him in various ways. He is a godly and generous man who is very loyal and faithful to those he’s in relationship with. For many years, he mentored me from afar through his books and speaking even though I didn’t know him personally. Now, we have walked together for several years and I’m a better man of God because of his influence in my life.

David SlukaDavid Sluka: James has been a generous mentor, trusted advisor, and kind friend to me for over 25 years. I was a single guy in my mid-twenties when we met, and he welcomed me into his family and ministry—entrusting me with his voice. Watching James live out his message has helped me mature more than any book. I’m grateful to the Lord for what my family and I have received from Him through James.

We assume that you, too, have been blessed by James—through his books, study guides, personal prophetic ministry, classes, webinars, newsletters, blog, podcasts, social media, TV show, teaching, and more! If so, we encourage you to honor his legacy with a financial gift of some kind. You can give in three ways:

  • Click the “Contribute to 70 for 70” button Below
  • Send a check made out to God Encounters Ministries, PO Box 1653, Franklin, TN 37065. Please write “70 for 70” in the memo.
  • Call us at 615-599-5552 or 877-200-1604 if you’d like to donate over the phone.
Contribute to 70 For 70

If you want to share some kind words as you donate online, please feel free to write in the comments box at the bottom of the donation form and we will share them with James.

Thank you for your kind consideration of giving to celebrate and honor James and his legacy.

The God Encounters Board,

Bill Greenman (Vice-President)

Mark Roye (Treasurer)

Steven Springer

Jason Ford

David Sluka (Secretary)