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14 May, 2020

Prophetic Perspective on the New Era

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The questions I am frequently receiving in this season have prompted me to provide prophetic perspective on the New ERA I believe we have entered. These questions sound something like this: "What comes next?" "Where do we go from here?" "What does this 50-Day Divine Reset require of me?" "Can we just go back to what we knew?" Change is upon us no matter what! We are in the midst of one greatest defining moments in recent global history. WWII left a global impact with the realigning of nations and the birth of the nation of Israel. The terror attacks [...]

11 May, 2020

James Goll: Why Should I Be a Watchman for Israel?

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As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve as watchmen for the people of God, whoever they may be—even the ones who do not yet identify themselves as the people of God. God asks volunteer watchmen like you and me to shoulder a burden for the Jewish people and for all of the descendants of Abraham. God's plan is to bring Jews alongside Gentiles (non-Jews) into full saving knowledge of Christ. He wants to win over Jews, Arabs, Chaldeans and all residents of the Middle East to His Son. The day will come—and we have a key part in hastening [...]

8 May, 2020

Revelatory Gleanings: A Journey with the Holy Spirit

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“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” - Daniel 12:3 (NASB) These words from the prophet Daniel have been illuminated to me in a fresh way this year: they are my new life verse and demonstrate what I am called to release in this hour. The need of the hour is for INSIGHT! Let us consider some of the promises for those who walk in this dimension. In the backdrop of dark night, “those who have insight [...]

4 May, 2020

Prophet: You Are Called to Confront Anti-Semitism

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Author's Note: We will relive the book of Esther. The Gentiles will carry the Jewish people upon our shoulders. We will right the wrongs of the past when the church did not stand up for the Jewish people—as in the days of the Russian pogroms and the time of the holocaust in WWII. In the book of Esther, Haman had a plan of genocide of the entire Jewish race. But aided by the prayers and fasting of Queen Esther's Court and Mordecai's coaching, Haman was hung on his own gallows. Haman is long gone, but that ancient malevolent spirit [...]