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18 Apr, 2019

Warring Over Your Prophetic Promises

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“This command I entrust to you, Timothy, [my] son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you fight the good fight.” I Timothy 1:18 Lessons in Victorious Spiritual Warfare In the current Global Prophetic Movement there is an increase of activity like there was 30 years ago. What was offered during that time frame is being offered once again. I call it the Prophetic 2.0—in which we build on what has gone before us. In recent weeks, I have written on “5 Prophetic Words for 2019: Fresh Bread from Heaven” that have fallen into [...]

10 Apr, 2019

First Nations Outreach

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As a core value of God Encounters Ministries, we practice a “Culture of Honor.” For our ministry, one biblical expression of this value comes through Honoring the Host or First Nation’s People. As part of our regular contributions to various First Nations Ministries, we helped with onsite locational prayer ventures and participated in the National Day of Prayer for the Cherokee. We gave away hundreds of our Christian books and gave towards food distribution and education. Today, we invite you to join us in holding up the hands of two ministries we have partnered with for over a decade! [...]

4 Apr, 2019

The Judicial Courts of Heaven

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“Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” Genesis 18:25 God Presented as the Judge of All As New Testament believers in Christ Jesus, we have a scriptural privilege to enter into the judicial courts of heaven in prayer and spiritual warfare. To do so, we must first have a revelation that God is the Judge and we have a rightful position to present our case through our advocate and lawyer, Jesus Christ, the righteous! Primary Scripture Reference  A Look at Hebrews 12:22-24: “But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living [...]