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18 Oct, 2018

Israel: God’s Prophetic Calendar

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Israel is once again on display before the eyes of the world. The board has been set and the pieces are moving. Throughout the ages, it seems as if God has been waiting for His strategic moment. He is positioning His intercessory knights and prophetic bishops together for a sweeping move—one that all the world will observe closely. No eye will miss the mysterious and fascinating day on God’s prophetic calendar when He once again steps into the world of space and time. It is time for the unveiling of the mystery of Israel as the apple of God’s [...]

11 Oct, 2018

The Power of Prophetic Intercession

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In prophetic intercession the Spirit of God pleads the covenant promises made throughout history to be enacted in our day. This inspired form of intercession is the urge to pray, given by the Holy Spirit, for a situation or circumstance about which you may have little natural knowledge. But you are praying the prayer request that is on the heart of God. As much as any time in history, it is time for believers in Jesus to take up the call to pray what is in the heart of God to be enacted for this generation! How Does Prophetic [...]

4 Oct, 2018

Prayer, the Prophetic and the Supreme Court

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Much of my life and ministry have been given to the convergence of prayer and the prophetic. I have seen some amazing results, but at times I have also had to steer my way through a maze of questions and riddles. Let me give you an inside look into one of the jigsaw puzzles I have been putting together for the last year or so concerning “Prayer, the Prophetic and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.” On June 27th, 2018, I was awakened at 2:22 AM from a clear dream followed by a Word from the [...]