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23 Aug, 2018

A Powerful Encounter: Believe God and Obey Little Things

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Today I was given a dream in which I relived an actual event (and powerful spiritual encounter) that took place almost 30 years ago. It is rather dramatic, but don’t let the details overwhelm you to such a degree that you miss the main point of the visitation I am about to share: Believing God matters. Obeying the little things matters. The Encounter at Longview Lake It was a quiet evening in May 1989. Michal Ann and I had just returned home from a meeting in nearby Kansas City. I was restless and we both knew it. I had [...]

16 Aug, 2018

Your Personal Tutor for Every Situation

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Have you ever needed to know which way to turn—what choice to make? Have you ever felt caught in that awful position called transition, where you wonder if things will ever move forward and change? Don't you sometimes wish a complete guidebook or DVD would just drop down from heaven's storehouse, into your lap? Have you sometimes wished for a personal appointment with the man Christ Jesus, so He could tell you everything you want to know? But Jesus said, "It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will [...]

9 Aug, 2018

Living Outside of the Box!

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God has a word for us, “NO MORE BOXES!” God does not live in a box. He did at one time—but ever since He broke out of the Ark of the Covenant, He has never lived in a box again. Of course, you and I tend to live in boxes that are often fairly nice, although cramped. They’re neat, but stuffy, old and stale. If God no longer lives in a box, then let’s follow suit and let’s live outside of the box too! He wants to lift the lid over our head so that we can experience His [...]