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29 Mar, 2018

7 Ways to Shorten Your Seasons of Struggle

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Battle is part of the Christian life. There is a real enemy and you were born into a war. So seasons of struggle are a given. But can you shorten your seasons of struggle? I believe you can, and I believe that the Bible is filled with good advice toward this end. You do not need to prolong the agony. You can arise and conquer. One of the enemy's ploys is to make you roll over into a passive position. When that happens, you are no longer actively engaged and the devil can roll over you. It is important to [...]

22 Mar, 2018

Satan Fights Dirty: How You Can Be Ready

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You have to run over the devil before he runs over you. You are standing on a battlefield (perhaps a different one than you were last year at this time). You may be standing in the middle of an army or you may be standing all alone. Are you just going to stand there, waiting to see what will happen? Or are you going to do something that will allow you to get and keep the upper hand? King David gave us a psalm that we should graft onto ourselves so that we can be true overcomers: “I pursued [...]

15 Mar, 2018

Your Role Is Essential — Prayer Always Precedes Revival!

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Both scripture and church history give testimony to this truth — prayer always precedes revival. When a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit is poured out resulting in a great harvest of souls and refreshing for the church, prayers have gone ahead to break open the way. Many prophets (including myself) have been declaring the coming season of harvest, and this precipitates the need for prevailing prayer. The greater the unity in prayer, the greater the outpouring. This means YOUR prayers are essential as we cry to the Lord of the harvest for his refreshing rain of revival to sweep [...]

8 Mar, 2018

A Call to United Prayer and Fasting for the Great Harvest!

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Currently there is a global unprecedented call to united prayer and fasting unto the next Great Harvest! The prophet Amos stated plainly, "Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets." In our day, these prophetic voices include: Lou Engle with TheCall, Doug Addison with InLight Connections, Cindy Jacobs with Reformation Prayer Network, statesman Dutch Sheets, and others. Prayer and fasting precedes the latter rain of the Holy Spirit—and the time to take action is NOW! I encourage you to participate through whatever application the Lord gives you. Prayer and Fasting Precedes [...]