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29 Dec, 2017

2017 Year in Review

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Greetings in the Powerful Name of Jesus! Looking back over this past year, it is remarkable what God has enabled us to accomplish. Thank you for helping us to equip the body of Christ! We appreciate you investing your time, prayer and resources to make the name of Jesus famous in the earth! Here is a brief review of what has happened in 2017 with your help: January–March: Almost 500 people joined us for the 12-Session Webinar Discerning the Times and Seasons, with Cindy Jacobs, Patricia King, and others February: God Encounters Ministries with James W. Goll was launched with [...]

14 Dec, 2017

5 Prophetic Words for 2018

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As we approach 2018, these are five clear prophetic words that I hear the voice of the Lord declaring. Join me in believing that we are moving from the Great Reformation to the beginning of the Great Transformation in the earth. We have just shifted into the New Hebrew year 5778 and in the civil calendar we are headed into 2018. 5 is the number of “grace” and 7 is the number of completeness. 8 is the number of a new beginning. So, there is “grace to complete old tasks in order to proceed into the new things” that the [...]

8 Dec, 2017

Miracles and Gifts: What They Have in Common & How to Receive Them

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I've been reflecting lately on what miracles and gifts have in common. You do not earn them. You cannot perform well enough to deserve them. And they are freely given by the Holy Spirit. In fact, if the truth were to be told, a miracle is a gift. And like all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, a miracle is a demonstration of the depths of God's immense love. The spiritual gifts are given to flow through us as acts of mercy, kindness, and love toward others. In other words, we cannot hoard them and keep them to [...]