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30 Jun, 2017

Why Should I Be a Watchman for Israel?

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As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve as watchmen for the people of God, whoever they may be—even the ones who do not yet identify themselves as the people of God. God asks volunteer watchmen like you and me to shoulder a burden for the Jewish people and for all of the descendants of Abraham. God’s plan is to bring Jews alongside Gentiles (non-Jews) into full saving knowledge of Christ. He wants to win over Jews, Arabs, Chaldeans, and all residents of the Middle East to His Son. The day will come—and we have a key part in hastening [...]

22 Jun, 2017

Will You Be a Modern-Day Daniel?

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In these days of division and tension, Daniel is a perfect role model of leadership and excellence as a watchman. When Daniel was exiled and found himself in the court of the king of Babylon, he dedicated himself to bringing the rule of God into that pagan place. He did it through stellar character and incessant prayer. He was a true intercessor, a watchman on the walls. Daniel did not attend Hebrew University but rather was trained in the School of the Chaldeans. He invested himself entirely in both the success of the king under whom he had been [...]

8 Jun, 2017

Simple Prayers Get Big Results

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A question I am often asked goes something like this, “Why does God need our prayers anyway?” Have you ever wondered why God seems so intent on having us pray for every single thing? Is He not sovereign and merciful and willing to take care of everything, whether or not his people ask Him each time?Come to Papa Like a Trusting ChildLet’s develop this a little bit. In His goodness, He wants you to come closer to Him. The most straightforward way to do that is through our simple, confident praying. Like trusting children, we come to Papa. He supplies what we [...]

1 Jun, 2017

Taking a Firm Stand in Prayer

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To be effective in praying for the complex situations in the world today—particularly in places like, say, the Middle East or in the volatile political arenas of many nations—we need men and women of consecration and excellence, like biblical Daniel. We must take a firm stand! The long days and weeks of our lives may be leading up to a culminating event that only God knows about. We dare not relax or retire from active watchman duty or from the practice of holy living that makes us able to plead God's promises with consistency and integrity. If you are [...]