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29 Apr, 2016

Prayer Storming Heaven into Earth

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The global prayer movement is experiencing a transitional time in history. We are shifting from a petitioning approach to decreeing by faith that a true global awakening is now upon us for Jesus Christ's sake. It is imperative that unbelief and the slumbering spirit of passivity that lingers upon the body of Christ be broken off so that we can arise into the fullness of our divine destiny. Recently I was awakened out of sleep by hearing a word trumpeted in my bedroom. “I am at War!” In the seer anointing I saw the words written out before me, [...]

8 Apr, 2016

The World Is at a Tipping Point

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The body of Christ, the nations of the earth, and the United States of America are currently at a tipping point. This is a strategic time when the scales of justice shift from one direction or point of view to another. At these critical moments, things change in a society or nation for good or for evil. One thing is for sure; they never remain the same. What determines the outcome? Who decides? Can we actually have an impact? Scripture is clear about the power of a compassionate heart that sows in intercession and tears. By softening our hearts [...]