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11 Dec, 2015

No Matter What Comes, God Is Good

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When the storms of life come, there is nothing more important than what we truly believe. It is one thing to accept a propositional truth in our minds. It is quite another to live from that place when trials and difficulties test the bedrock of those beliefs. These are our true core values. In my journey of Finding Hope - rediscovering life after tragedy there are three foundational truths that have been weathered and found to be unshakable - and all of them surround the goodness of God. He is good! God Is Good – Period! No matter what [...]

2 Dec, 2015

Effective Prayers of 7 Modern-Day Prophets

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Do you want to pray a perfect prayer that the Father cannot refuse? Pray the Word of God. I asked Cindy Jacobs, Patricia King, Stacey Campbell, Lou Engle, Mickey Robinson and Beth Alves which scriptures they pray regularly, and they served up a gold mine that I couldn't help but pass on to you. Here is how it happened. Recently I was attending a prophetic roundtable in Dallas, Texas where a few prophetic leaders from the nations gather on a relational basis each year to hear from the Lord. It is one of the highlights of the year for [...]