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15 Oct, 2015

Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit

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As light and darkness continue to polarize and grow into maturity in the world around us, it is imperative that we learn to discern the spiritual source of the inputs to which we are daily being exposed. This is actually one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit - and we can become more accurate in this gift through practice and fully submitting our bodies with its five senses to God. Have you ever seen or felt or discerned a supernatural presence by the Holy Spirit—whether it be angelic or a demonic one? When we “see” or “sense” or [...]

9 Oct, 2015

Bringing Heaven to Earth Through Agreement

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What is the prayer of agreement? It is more than simply clasping hands and saying, “Brother, let’s agree on this together.” The prayer of agreement is more than what we simply verbalize. It has to do with our heart’s attitude. We must first agree with God, and his command to love one another. Once we have genuinely aligned ourselves with His heart as expressed in the first and second commandments, we will find ourselves ready to pray together in accordance with His will, resulting in heaven coming into agreement with earth. Key Scriptures for Coming into Agreement A Look [...]

1 Oct, 2015

Scriptural Declarations: Israel & the Middle East

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It is imperative that we stand with God, and stand with the Jewish people in this hour. Not only does scripture provide 7 Clear Demarcations and Declarations regarding Israel and His plan for salvation which I outline below, it also shows us how we are to respond in Proclamation, Praise and Prayer! Join me for such a time as this in calling forth God's purposes for the Jewish people around the world! The Bible is our foundation for life, revealing the very nature of God Himself, and how we should then live in relationship with Him in light of these absolutes. The people [...]